#469) In Mourning This Morning

No, I’m not wearing black. (I’m not wearing anything as I write!) But Labor Day marks the official end of summer, and for that I’m sad, sorry to see this season’s passing.

Before it goes, I want to comment on swim suits today. (Or, more accurately, what pass for swim suits today.) Look at the photo of the lovely blond above. In my humble opinion, she’s made all the more desirable by her choice of bikini bottoms. It covers most, but not all, of her cute butt. When she wears this suit, it’ll create gorgeous tanlines. It leaves a little bit to the imagination. It’s hot, it’s sexy!

Now look at these bikini bottoms. This pair barely covers anything. Imagine the bizarre tanlines it’d leave. Imagine if the girl didn’t trim her pubes…

Thong bikini bottoms are even worse. They are just a piece of dental floss up the butt crack, leaving nothing to the imagination, leaving no nice tanlines. I hated to see the popularity of thongs on the beach and swimming pools! I refuse to wear them.

I’m told that this model is named Maddie Rose. (I’d give others credit, too, but don’t know their names.) The suit she’s wearing is even more daring, even more ridiculous. This suit barely covers her labial lips; you couldn’t venture into swim in it in a pool, and the ocean current would pull it right off! But today, it gets even worse…

This isn’t a suit, it’s a couple strings! I’d like to spank her for wearing such a thing! Am I just showing my age? Am I alone here?

5 responses to “#469) In Mourning This Morning”

  1. I just realized that if I had all of them lined up for a spanking I wouldn’t even need them to strip. Their bottoms are bare enough to spank already!
    These pics are great!
    Thanx bunches for the post!!!

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    • I know exactly what you mean, Prefectdt! There was a photo in one of my father’s old Playboy magazines of a lifeguard girl with white tummy and back, as well as where you’d expect across her breasts and bottom half. I found that pictorial SO sexy! Less is not always more!


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