#471) Cheerleaders Part I

I’m fascinated by cheerleaders, maybe because I never was one (I’m far too uncoordinated). The Internet is clearly fascinated by cheerleaders; they’re all over it. This may be due to those sexy uniforms. It seems that many of the shots of cheerleaders involve one of three things.

The first of these is doing high kicks.

I think that this male cheerleader is trying to help the female one with her high kick. By the looks on both of their faces, I’m not sure if he is, and it doesn’t look as though they are sure, either.

Look at the height of the kick these girls are getting…

It seems to me that it’s easier doing a high kick if you are leaning on your neighbor for support, like a can-can-dancing line.

I love how good cheerleaders smile as they perform. These cheerleaders are for the Trojans, which (not surprisingly but rather ironically) is also the name for a brand of condom.

When you’re really accomplished, you can do the high kick while being held-up high in the air one-handed!

The second thing cheerleaders do is the splits. Either while being thrown into mid-air…

…or in some pyramid formation.

And the third thing they do is bend over. (I love the numbers right on the seat of these uniforms!)

This cheerleader appears to be doing some bent-over flip or cartwheel.

ALL of these maneuvers entail showing off their undergarment. These panties are called “lollies.” This cheerleader’s lollies don’t seem to be doing their job (of covering her privates). As these cheerleaders do all these things, I think that’s what we’re all really looking at, their crotches. Be honest, weren’t you looking at that (as I was) in all these photos?

With this background material in mind, we will “get deeper into” cheerleaders in Part II.

5 responses to “#471) Cheerleaders Part I”

  1. Google search for the video clip “Cheerleaders continue to save the day at March Madness”

    Fun clips of cheerleaders managing to get the ball stuck on top of the backboard.

    The crowd LOVED them!

    Now, imagine the “view” the guys hoisting them up got!

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