#472) Cheerleaders Part II

What have we learned so far about cheerleaders? That they need to be flexible to perform on the sidelines the way they do. (And that we’re all fantasizing about utilizing that flexibility in the bedroom as we watch them.)

Look at the smiling cheerleader pictured above. Notice that she’s being held aloft as she cheers. Some man’s hand is on her butt while she yells, “Rah-rah!” You see this also in some forms of ballroom dancing and professional ice-skating competitions, the man supporting his female partner by holding her either on the crotch or the ass.

Sometimes, having been tossed high into the air, men’s hands are all over the female cheerleader’s body when she is caught in landing. This is part of the job. (I think this particular cheerleader is being passed up overhead from the sidelines to the top of the stadium by the fans.) Notice that she’s still smiling.

Because most cheerleading happens in high school and college, these girls often get drunk. It seems like that is part of the job, too. (I don’t think that professional cheerleaders, like the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, for instance, get drunk as much. But they’re pros.)

When they’re drunk, cheerleaders are known for doing some entertaining things. These cheerleaders, for example, are throwing down some hand-signs. The hand-sign for the girl on the left means “I’m easy.” The sign for her friend on the right translates to mean, “I love it up the ass.” Once again, note that these two are Trojans, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise (if you paid attention to more than crotch-shots in Part I).

Please don’t think for a minute that errant cheerleaders get away with these behaviors! Here is a proud poppa of a cheerleader showing her the error of her ways with a large paddle. (And finally, we’re seeing why I devoted several posts to the subject of cheerleading!)

Very much like dance-moms, cheerleader moms are known for being even more strict than their husbands when it comes to corporal punishment.

But, by far, the most severe punishers are fellow-cheerleaders.

Here is a photo of the first-string cheerleading squad in the showers after a game. They are waiting for the new members of the team to join them. They have a little initiation ritual in mind. Notice their broad smiles… (Um, you have to look up at their faces to notice their smiles…)

Now, having focused on cheerleaders so much, I’m as turned-on as you probably are. So I wrote you a little story, which will be posted soon. Enjoy!

5 responses to “#472) Cheerleaders Part II”

    • I think this says a lot about you, dear Sophie. It’s interesting that you’d suggest a blanket-punishment for every one of the cheerleaders both before and after each game. I think there’s a cruel streak in you, Miss. I think every girl should have to watch the punishments, but only those who have been found guilty of specific offenses should be bared and spanked. Otherwise, your team of cheerleaders will feel you’re unfair, autocratic, mean. Now, the fans, on the other hand, would LOVE your strict rules, seeing every single one of the cheerleaders march out to perform with reddened cheeks showing beneath their lollies! But I think we’ve detected a clear-cut difference between us in Topping style. This is why I’m a little afraid every time we correspond; I expect to be pulled over your lap, ceremoniously bared and soundly spanked at any moment. Are you aware that people tremble in your austere presence, ma’am?


  1. 2nd to last pic, girls in blue….

    Don’t know the girl “gettin’ it,” but I know the girl wielding the paddle!

    I was one lucky guy to have spanked her bare bottom, and to have been bare-bottom spanked by her! Still remember and love her.

    Liked by 1 person

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