#473) Cheerleading Try-Outs

Jamie moved to this new high school as a sophomore. Over that summer, she’d gotten the braces off her teeth, and gotten Lasik surgery to replace the need for those thick glasses. Inspired by these changes, she’d worked-out hard and was now shapely and curved instead of plump. With these external changes, Jamie vowed an internal one; she was going to apply herself in school much more. Because of a birthdate on Christmas Day, she didn’t start school until a year later than her peers, and then got left-back one year in the fourth grade because she still wasn’t developmentally on par. So, she had an advantage on her classmates, she was already eighteen years old.
So, even though Jamie had not been on the team at her old school, as soon as the cheerleading try-outs notice went up on the bulletin board, Jamie set her sights on making this team. She was surprised that the poster said to report to Coach Jeanie’s office instead of the gym and at noon instead of after school.
Jamie was further surprised to find that she was the only student there when the Coach let her in and closed the door behind them.
“Good afternoon, Ms. Smith, I’d like to try-out for the team!” Jamie announced, “I’m Jamie Schwartz.”
“Please call me Coach Jeanie, everybody does. It’s nice to meet you! Have you any previous experience?”
“No, but I’ve been stretching and exercising all summer long in preparation.”
They shared several minutes of small talk about where Jamie came from, how competitive the team was, just getting to know one another. Then the Coach stood up and came around from behind her desk.
“Warm-up as much as you’d like, and then I’d like to see you do the splits, getting down as low to the floor as you can…”
As Jamie stretched, it was clear that the corduroy slacks she wore were impeding her movement.
“Not only are they tight, they’re also bulky,” the coach observed. “You’ll need to take them off later, so I can take your measurements accurately to fit you for a uniform. Why don’t you take them off now…”
Jamie slipped out of her pants, then proceeded to slide slowly downward, her legs parting, further, lower, until her pudendum kissed the tile floor. The Coach walked all around Jamie, admiring her form, her flexibility, her beautifully bunched buttocks. She extended her had out to help the student arise from the floor.
“That’s wonderful! You’re flexible to be on top of any of our maneuvers, yet strong enough to be the base, too!” The Coach nonchalantly brushed the inner thighs of Jamie off from any dust that might’ve been on the floor. The intimacy of this wasn’t lost on either of the women. “Why don’t you take that sweater off now, so I can take your measurements…”
“I’m… um… not wearing a bra today, ma’am…” Jamie blushed.
“That’s against school regulations, you know,” the coach admonished.
“I didn’t think it’d matter, underneath that thick sweater…” Jamie answered.
“Go ahead,” the coach persisted, then stretched the tape measure around her naked breasts and waist, and then her near-naked hips. “Now we see that it did matter, Jamie. You need to think ahead, foresee circumstances…”
“Yes, ma’am,” she answered as the coach jotted her statistics down on a form.
The coach continued, “The administration gives me free reign to run this team as I see fit. I find corporal discipline works best with the girls, to keep things running smoothly. What do you think an appropriate penalty should be for violating the dress code, Jamie?”
Totally flummoxed, the girl didn’t know what to answer. “I… uh, don’t…”
“Don’t worry, it won’t be with the paddle!” the coach laughed easily, gesturing with her chin towards the corner where a long, fraternity-style wooden paddle rested. “Just a few hand spanks… take those panties down now…”
Jamie found herself obeying without complaint. Jeanie bent the girl at the waist, caressed her cheeks briefly, and then administered six sharp, stinging swats with her right hand. There was a knock on the door.
“Speaking of serious offenses,” Jeanie mumbled under her breath. “Go ahead and get your clothes back on, but you need to watch this, Jamie,” the coach instructed, answering the door and leading a cute redhead into her office.
Jamie, this is Tiffany. Tiffany, Jamie just joined the team.” The coach proceeded across her office and picked up the wooden paddle with both hands. “Jamie, Tiffany thought she’d be cute and didn’t wear regulation lollies beneath her uniform to the football game last night. Bend, Tiff!”
The blushing redhead bent at the waist, her skirt was flipped up onto her flat lower back and her underpants came down to grace her ankles. The blushing blond watched transfixed, not getting redressed at all.
Once-porcelain white buttocks suddenly had a wide red swath bisecting the crack. Four more times the paddle rang out, until the entirety of Tiffany’s tushy was glowing hotly, as were her facial cheeks.
“Go and sin no more!” Coach barked to Tiffany. “Jamie, you ought to hurry to get dressed or you’ll be late to class. See you at practice tomorrow after school.”
Tiffany hastened to obey, Jamie did not. When she heard the door close behind Tiff, she slowly got dressed, but asked questions of her coach all the while.
“Can I ask you something?”
“What’s that?” the coach returned.
“Does it excite you to spanks girls… like it does me…?”
Jeanie looked up from her desk, a sly smile slowly creeping across her pretty features.
“You’ve spanked a lot of girls, have you, Jamie?”
“I, um, meant… to see girls get spanked…”
Jeanie got up from where she sat and approached the still-half-naked student. The coach put her hand into the panties that Jamie had just put back on.
“I see what you mean…” The women locked eyes, the coach kept her hand where it was. Jamie’s mouth parted hungrily, Jeanie fed her desires with diddling fingers in one set of lips, and a pair of lips pressed to Jamie’s facial ones. After a long kiss, she continued, “…Yes, yes it does… I like nothing more…” They made-out, or more accurately, Jamie tried to keep from squirming as Jeanie fingered her to climax.
Jeanie then went back to her desk and scribbled a note on a piece of paper. She handed it to the slowly-recovering co-ed. Jamie read it. “Please excuse Jamie Schwartz for being late to class. I’ve already punished her for this offense. Jeanie Smith” The girl looked up at her mentor, who now pulled Jamie’s panties down yet again.
“Do you know about Chief Justice John Roberts?” Jeanie asked as she spanked Jamie with spanks that stung a great deal more than her brief first set.
“Only that he’s on the Supreme Court,” Jamie winced as she answered.
“He was elected to be Chief Justice right away after being named to serve… I want the same for you; I’m going to name you to be Coach’s Assistant right away after just joining the team.” Jeanie gave her several more swats to hammer her point home, then concluded, “Now, get dressed, damn it, or I will paddle you!”
If she knew me, she’d know that the threat of a paddling is no way to motivate me, Jamie thought to herself, but got dressed happily nonetheless.

8 responses to “#473) Cheerleading Try-Outs”

  1. Wow, Jean Marie, that is quite a story! It makes me wish we had cheerleaders in the UK!
    Oh, by the way at least one typo and perhaps a wrong spelling…unless you spell the word manoeuvres differently in your country?? And you know what happens…

    Liked by 2 people

    • I looked it up, Miss. There seems to be variations in this word’s spelling (like colour, favourite, etc.). You see, dear readers, Miss Sophie has appointed herself my official proofreader, and she is very strict in her correction! But having vindicated myself in this instance, it’s YOU who should be called to task. Two can play at your game, little lady. Somebody won’t be sitting comfortably for the foreseeable future, Sophie! Now, I strive always to be fair, so I won’t humiliate you in front of everyone. Please meet with me privately to answer for your ways…


  2. Ages ago, out local newspaper had a small advertisement in the adult movies section for “Discipline in the Girls’ Gym”. How I wanted to see that movie but I was either too young or too scared or both.

    These days it’s more likely that I’m caught peeking in the locker room, or perhaps rifling through Jamie’s gym bag to sniff her sweaty panties after a workout. Ms. Smith would not be amused and would surely want to make an example of me.

    Liked by 1 person

      • The team needs to learn how to handle naughty boys, and Ms Smith understands it’s her job to teach them. Naturally they’ll need their own turns with the paddle, and will stuff their sweaty panties in Rosco’s mouth when he complains or cries.

        As it turns out the school’s laundry is on the blink, and Rosco is assigned to wash their uniforms – panties and all. He’d better do a good job.


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