#475) Giggle

I ran across this wildlife photo as was surfing the ‘net. I thought right away that it reminded me of anytime I might see a snake while out walking in the woods. I hope it gives you a giggle on this hump day/Wednesday. Is anybody else scared of snakes , like me? Can anybody else come up with a caption for this photo?

4 responses to “#475) Giggle”

      • Here’s another caption in dialogue…
        “No, Jeffrey, that is NOT necking! Necking is fun, it involves kisses and hickies on the neck, which for giraffes is very serious!”
        “Can we neck your way, Ginny?”
        “No, we cannot!”
        “Why not, Ginny?”
        ‘If you must know, Jeffrey, you are short, you’re a short giraffe, not an attractive quality in a suitor. Not get off of me!”


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