#476) Hump Day

We’re over the hump, dear friends, half way to the weekend! I saw this photo and had to share it with you.

I have lots of thoughts about this picture. First, camels are said to be mean-spirited animals who will spit and bite. So I wouldn’t want to ride one. But the young lady is SO alluring, I think I could be convinced to ride double with her. It looks very inviting to be riding behind that cute, bared behind! I might have to give a double meaning to the term “hump day.” Now, my dictionary says (yes, I DO look these things up first, dear readers who like to proofread my work) that a dromedary is just the one humped camel. So is there a special name for the two humped variety? It also occurred to me that this photo was probably taken in a foreign country where camels are indigenous, more than likely a Moslem country. This female’s lack of attire would be very offensive to the strict Moslem residents. Just going without a head-covering is frowned upon, so going buck naked would raise their ire (among other appendages), maybe even causing them to want to raise their camel whips and give this offending tourist a sound flogging for her cultural insensitivity. In which case, I’d like to volunteer to apply a balm to the pretty lass’ lash-welts…

Well, I’ve fallen deeply down a rabbit hole musing about this evocative picture, when I only wanted to wish you all a wonderful Wednesday!

2 responses to “#476) Hump Day”

    • Thank you, Sophie! Did you know that off the top of your head, being so well-versed in zoology? If I were to climb on the Bactrian camel first, would you want me positioned like this rider? Would you want me similarly attired? Would riding double on a double-humped camel insure that we could hump a bit? If we were to be whipped by the conservative camel-keeper anyway, we might as well earn a good one…


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