#477) Never Before, But There’s Always a First Time

I’ve never been with another woman, either sexually or submissively. I am very happily in love with a wonderful man, and would not dream of being unfaithful. Er, actually that’s not true; it is in my dreams where I am unfaithful, promiscuous, initiated into the society of Saphos.

Tonight, because of recent events, I’m going to go to sleep with this video playing on loop in my mind, hearing a British-accented, female’s voice tease and taunt me, feeling her light strapping of my bum with a big heavy paddle, waiting for her attentions to grow more intense, wanting more…

7 responses to “#477) Never Before, But There’s Always a First Time”

  1. A lot to like here. A gorgeous bottom. A stern lecture and a deliberate whipping. A helpless, handcuffed miscreant getting her just desserts.

    You can just imagine those pretty panties getting wet, and the young thing begging for it.

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    • I have enjoyed a lot of teasing interplay with multiple readers, you included. That is all in fantasy-land. In reality, I am very content in a committed relationship with a man. He has given me permission to indulge in these fantasies, as long as it stays safe and distant. So, naughty nora, in that construct, yes, you entice me to misbehave with almost every correspondence. XOXO right back at you.
      Jean Marie

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    • I publicly acknowledge and confess that I am an incurable flirt. Robert paddled the dickens out of me for it about a week ago. He thinks that this took care of the matter, but now that I’m sitting without a second thought again, I’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself.
      Warmly, & maybe soon to be more so,
      Jean Marie


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