#479) My Long Good-Bye to Summer

I’m a summer person, and I’m not pleased to have that season leaving. The weather is still warm, so after work, I’ve been going for a little walk every afternoon. As I’ve preached, Mr. Sun is not our friend. So I wear both lots of sunblock AND a big brimmed hat. I unabashedly feel sexy as fuck in my big hat; I think ALL women look good/even better in a big hat. So, this is my tribute to women in big hats (and not much else) as we say farewell to summertime.

Above, Lele Pons is pictured on the beach. I wasn’t familiar with this model until I saw this photo, but this photo makes me want to know her better.

When I saw this photo, I thought of only one thing. That’s a “come-on” look on her face if ever I’ve seen one! But let me offer a little advice. Please be careful about making love on the beach. Just one little grain of sand in the wrong place can transform whoopie into owie!

The composition of this photo is wonderful! Between the cushions and her hat and her (all-over) tan; it’s just beautiful! But this model is getting too much sun! I know, I used to get just as tan myself. I’d like to be the official tanning police, and give citations to offenders like this lass. My ticket would entail turning her walnut-brown, already tan tushy crimson! My motto would be, “I’ll tan your hide for you instead of the sun!”

Don’t these lovelies make it difficult to say so-long to summer?

6 responses to “#479) My Long Good-Bye to Summer”

  1. I once saw a British seaside card where an older woman on the promenade was looking at a young woman lying on her front on the sand sunbathing. She says to another older woman…some girls get tanned where they should be spanked!

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  2. I’m with you. My iPhone reminds me every year on the date summer half over – it’s all downhill from here! (I do the same with winter – “It’s half over!”)

    Every year in late March I used to go to Hawaii – just to get away from winter.

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      • East coaster who used to have my own plane and would fly to the out-islands of the Bahamas with my GF’s to get away from winter. Day #1 one year, with two girls on one of the out islands and literally NO ONE else for at least a mile on this beautiful beach we were on, the blonde turns to me and says, “You didn’t tell us we didn’t need our bathing suits.”

        I just shrugged as my heart went into overdrive. As they peeled off everything down to their birthday suits! I then collected all the sun lotions and told them if they needed them – I will be the one to apply the lotion ALL over their bodies, taking “special” care of their body areas not usually in sunlight. They made sure I did a good job!

        Two years later I had to to to Hawaii on business. In February. Temps were in the low 20’s and snow threatening. Ten steps into Honolulu’s terminal and I KNEW this was different and I may not get back to the Bahamas.

        I think, on business and personal, I have been in Hawaii about 45 times, and never tired of it.

        One January trip and at the pool, I hear the people next to me wondering about the pending weather, their flights back to the east coast that evening, and wondering if they would make it back without problems. Not knowing, I asked, “What’s with the weather…?”

        A massive snow storm was about to hit the east coast. It would dump 2-3 FEET of that white hell. Flights were already being canceled.

        The next day at the pool I called my GF and said I had heard that they were getting a bit of snow…. And she unloaded on me on how bad it was!

        The conversation ended when I told her how hot it was, the pool-girls were coming by to spritz me with cool water, and – “Oh! My seared Ahi wrap sandwich is here! Gotta’ go!”

        So much fun…!

        If you have never been – GO! Be glad to tell you what to avoid.

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