#480) Overrated

It was the first day of their European vacation, and John woke up thinking that he’d reach over and start making-out with Janie on the other side of the huge bed. With eyes barely open and unfocused, he felt around, but couldn’t find her. He really wanted her, his morning wood ached to be inside her, so John sat up, and then spied her sitting on the divan across their hotel suite. Clearly she’d awoken early, showered and primped and pampered herself, and was now perched there adorned with lingerie John had never seen before.
“Well, don’t you like look the cat that ate the canary?” he rhetorically queried.
Janie just smirked.
John threw the bedclothes back to reveal his erection, thinking that this would beckon his beautiful bride to his bedside.
Jane just smirked.
“Watson, come here, I need you!” John quoted Alexander Graham Bell in his eureka moment, but Janie just sat where she was, smiling. Finally this sphinx spoke.
“I’ve been thinking… This is the last time I want to be able to sit comfortably on this trip… Compared to the release I feel when and after my bottom is spanked mercilessly… compared to the ecstasy I feel when I’m sexually possessed by you up my bottom… I’ve come to the conclusion that sitting on my bottom is overrated…”
This was all John needed to hear. Leaping out of bed, he was across the room in two bounds, had picked his giggling wife up and placed her across his waiting lap before she could say anything more. They both got what they wanted.

4 responses to “#480) Overrated”

  1. “sitting on my bottom is overated”
    If there were a whole lot more women like Janie, a whole bunch more men would be walking around with smiles on their face.
    After all, women’s bottoms were always intended for far more sensual purposes than sitting.
    Everyone knows that.

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