#481) Paying My Respects

When I heard the unusual, historic announcement this morning that Queen Elizabeth was being “observed for medical care,” I knew that it wouldn’t be long. Then, as I returned home from work, it dominated the news. Queen Elizabeth the II is dead. One of the unexpected joys of blogging is that I have gotten to develop friendships around the world, including many kinksters from the UK and the Commonwealth. My sympathies are extended for your loss.

I love her for the colorful, coordinated outfits and hats, I love her for being an equestrianne and thoroughbred breeder and fan, I love her for being a fellow dog lover with all her Corgis, I love the fact that her father was a fellow stutterer. I hope that this doesn’t sound disrespectful; she reminded me of my stepmother with her twinkling blue eyes and life of service, and dignified duty. Both women seemed to live out the motto, “Keep calm and carry on.”

It blows my mind in the way the English have the royal legacy outlined, with the Duke of Windsor abdicating “for the woman he loved,” and how each monarch only assumes the throne with the death of their ruling parent. Great grief and great responsibility in one fell stroke.

The Queen is dead; long live the King!

6 responses to “#481) Paying My Respects”

  1. Hello Jean Marie. Thank you for paying your respects to our Queen. She was an amazingly faithful and hardworking woman even into great old age. I have known nothing other than the second Elizabethan Age and now we have a King, which seems very strange! I have had no links with royalty except that I went to the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Medicine in Edinburgh.

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    • I’m a jokester, so am treading lightly, not wanting to offend (too soon). She WAS a class act!
      But as to your alma mater, Sophie…? Did you eat “spotted dick” while matriculating at the Royal Dick School? Do you have a diploma saying that you graduated from there? Was it “hard” to graduate? I would think that some classes would be sticky to pass… (How many bad puns must I make before you lose it and loose holy hell across my hind end?)


  2. You are incorrigible Jean Marie! Just wait until I get my hands on you! Your backside will pay the price for all those dreadful puns! Every smack that lands on those round cheeks of yours will be followed by an apology and a promise from you!
    FYI my Alma mater was founded by Professor William Dick…

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    • To get “an apology AND a promise” from this mischievous minx, you are going to have to lay one hell of a spanking-foundation on my bared bum, and then make each swat REALLY get to me to elicit all that, IF you think you’ll create the dialogue of…
      “Ow, that hurts so dreadfully, ma’am! I’m so sorry for indulging in my cringe-worthy sense of humor! You’re right, I am incorrigible, Miss! I promise I’ll never do it again!”
      “OW! Oh, please Sophie…” and so forth, you’re going to have to achieve something past Top-lovers and (before all of them) both my parents were unable to get out of me. The “ball is in your court” and I sit here wondering just what combination of implements would bring me to your hoped-for conclusion…
      Now, was this site of higher (longer & stiffer) learning accredited? Or did Professor Bill Dick just set-up some fly-by-night sheepskin factory? Did you study directly under Prof. Dick? Was it good for you? (Know that I’m doubled over laughing at my own jokes right now, te-he-he!)
      Warmly and ever respectfully,
      Jean Marie


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