#483) Words I Wanted to Say Aloud When We First Became a Committed Couple

“You have to know that you are on my mind almost constantly, so you possess me there already.
You fulfill me sexually as my man. I give you permission of ownership there, too. You ought to know that I’m interested in exploring sexual relations with another woman. But we’ll cross that bridge when she comes to us…
You have my permission to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever we are with my vagina. Just ask, and I’ll tell you where I am in my cycle. At certain times, you’ll need to give me a moment to put my diaphragm in; I don’t want to get pregnant. At my time of the month, just give me a moment for that diaphragm placement, and I’ll be ready to go. You own me there.
Equally important, you have exclusive rights to my rectum. If it’s not ruby red and gaping, I will accommodate you there. I want you to be a frequent visitor there. It’s yours, twenty-four/seven and three hundred sixty-five.
I saved the best for last. My butt, it’s where I like to live, where my sexuality really resides, where I think I’m prettiest, where I deeply desire to be complimented. Most important of all, I want you to have me completely there; if I’m bruised there, please go a bit easier on me than usual, but it is yours, do with it as you desire. I want to be owned by you there, to cherish my cheeks even as you use them hard. Mark me as yours there, it is your territory. Spank me! It gives me such joy to say those magic words to you, to mean it one hundred percent, to want it with my whole heart. I defer to your guidance as I will obey your commands. Spank my butt, try to wear me out; I’ll only love you all the more for it! Let me seal my words with a kiss, and then I’d like for you to seal the deal with a spanking…”

(I’ve been playing around on here, communicating back and forth with readers, teasing and flirting. My one special one knows that this is just play, that it doesn’t threaten what we have, indeed it makes what we share hotter from the innocent and not-so-innocent banter because it feeds our bond. I tried to stammer my through some of these thoughts to you, back when we settled into our relationship. I thought I’d put it in writing and reaffirm it here and now.)

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