#486) Ballet Dancers’ Feet and Fannies

Anna is a ballet dancer, has been since small childhood. This means that she’s constantly doing plie’s, using everything around her for a barre. This incessant practicing has ramifications.
Her feet are stomach-turning ugly. Anywhere not covered in callouses has blisters. Her toenails are gnarly, her toes deformed. I make Anna wear sweat socks whenever we’re together in bed. I gladly massage any muscle ache in her finely tuned body, but refuse to touch her feet.
Her bottom is erection-making beautiful (whether cock or clit). The butt muscles, the gluteus maximus, are the largest in the human body, and that certainly holds truest in dancers. She has the bunchy muscles of a sprinter, yet she’s miraculously flexible. I make Anna take off her shorts or underwear whenever we’re alone together. I cannot keep my hands off her butt.
The demands of the dance builds those powerful, lithe muscles, the demands of her training stretch them out. It looks to me like a winding of an old-style watch’s mainspring. Time allows that tightness to unwind. All but one muscle, Anna’s anal sphincter. Anna stores all her tension and stress there.
So every once in a while, I give Anna an adjustment. No, I’m not her chiropractor, I’m her lover. We don’t do it every night, but we do do it frequently. I part her rock-hard boulders of a pair of butt cheeks. I tongue her there. And then I finger her there. Deep, with one, and then two, and maybe even more digits. If she needs it, we transition from finger-fucking to real fucking, the most real kind of fucking, butt-fucking.
Dancers understand the meaning of the word discipline. They practically invented the word. Anna is hard on herself. She puts more pressure on herself than anyone else could. If she messes-up in practice, she is filled with self-loathing. I’ve never seen her mess-up in performance, but she thinks she has. Anna has actually asked me to discipline her. The great Balanchine used to thump a thick wooden cane on the floor; Anna has asked me on more than one occasion to “thump” her with a thin wooden cane. I find that Anna responds best when I cane her and then butt-fuck her. Then she can let go, cry and completely relax, as sinew softens and all the demands she puts upon herself become desire.

2 responses to “#486) Ballet Dancers’ Feet and Fannies”

    • I remember when I first experimented with writing from different perspectives on this blog. I am very pleased with the ambiguity of this piece, how it is not gender-specific. I hope this rings a chord in you, too! I prefer inclusivity, and hope that all of you do, too.


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