#487) Another “Farewell to Summer” post – Fishing

I don’t get to do it enough, but I love to fish! Whether it’s simply a bamboo pole with a bobber and earthworms, or flyfishing, like the lass pictured above, or spin casting in fresh or salt water, I’ve done it all and love it all.

I believe that this naked fisherwoman has landed a barracuda. I’ve never caught one of these, but have fished for bonita in salt water. It’s a dream of mine to visit the Florida Keys (before global warming submerges them) and fish for marlin as Hemingway did.

I have fished for pike and muskellunge in Northern Michigan, which can be just as large (if not larger) as/than the fish pictured at left. And with just as many sharp teeth!

I want to get deeper into flyfishing, especially for trout. But truly, just sitting alone in silence with my thoughts, or quietly talking about everything with a good friend or family member while fishing for bluegill and crappie is a joy! Farewell to this past-time for another year…

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