#489) 9-11 Decades Later

Twenty one years have passed since terrorists carried out an attack on America. They chose the targets of the Twin Towers, the World Trade Center, among other iconic sites. They chose to use passenger-filled airplanes as their bombs.

Immediately after this attack, the response, “Never Forget,” was coined. We now take extra measures of precaution during the check-in process of boarding a plane. But Jon Stewart and others had to protest in order for first-responders to get the medical care they deserved. There is a clear correlation between the toxins these heroes were exposed to by providing aid, and the cancers they were then manifesting. And it took concerted protesting to get Congress to do anything in response.

The terrorists were/are threatened by our American way of life, our freedoms, the ones guaranteed by our Constitution. More recently, that Constitution and our democracy have come under attack from within. The orderly transfer of power, the rule of law, the freedom of the press, even the very concept of truth have been challenged.

I am not sure what we have learned. I’m longer sure who we are as a country. I try to fight off cynicism and pessimism and stay optimistic. I still have hopes that little acts of kindness and paying it forward can have a positive effect stemming the tide. I encourage you to do as I do, and contact your elected representatives with your perspectives.

5 responses to “#489) 9-11 Decades Later”

  1. I met an Englishman today who was under the twin towers when they were attacked. Condolences to all who suffered…and continue to suffer as a result of that dreadful day.

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  2. In my opinion you nailed this blog. I believe that the Senator’s that held up the vote on this bill should all be replaced. It is a good thing that even they could see public opinion was against them. I love the way you express yourself. Thank you. Tip

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