#490) Au Revoir to Summer

This will probably be the last in the series of my sad good-byes to the season of summer, this one about boating.

My father taught me the fundamentals of boating safety and sailing basics before he died. I love being on the water!

The beauty pictured above is doing it right by staying seated on this sail boat, all the while looking fetching.

If you need to stand up, say to come about in the wind, you should hold on to any railing or the gunwale, as this lass is doing.

This young lady seems more concerned with looking good than being safe. She’s doing the former superbly. In all these photos, I don’t see a life-preserver in sight

I’ve never been spanked aboard a boat, under the right circumstances, I’d love to be! (It’s always been a fantasy of mine to be tied to the mast of a big sailing ship, have my backside bared, so as to be publicly flogged!) Maybe someday…

Please look at this photo at left. The model is wearing nothing more than a head-scarf. In the wind, I’d be afraid that this long scarf could whip into ones’ eyes, get tangled in the rigging, be a danger. She’s also sitting on an edge that looks quite uncomfortable! (To be fair, it’s possible that this model didn’t make either of these poor choices. Having modeled myself, I know that sometimes you are told what to do, what to wear [or not wear], so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.) Regardless, it still looks painful to have to sit this way for any length of time…

It reminded me of this! Do you know the phrase, “to be ridden out of town on a rail”? This is what that refers to, to be sat naked on the edge of a plank and carried out of town for public humiliation. I don’t mind a little humiliation as a submissive. But I could not withstand this torture! Look how far up her center that board is cutting! No thank you, sir!

Back to the subject of boating, my father, when sailing in his 19′ sailboat, would sometimes quote a source I’m unfamiliar with, but it doesn’t need credit to understand. He’d sigh and say, “Sometimes I think that I was made for the sea, and all my life on land is a mistake…”

Au revoir to boating until spring; farewell to summer for another year!

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