#491) Believe It or Not!

When I was growing up, my love affair with libraries and books began. I confess that at first, my taste was not too refined. When in elementary school, I loved the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! series. These were that day’s version of showing sideshow freaks in the traveling circuses of yesteryear. They made unfortunate birth defects seem grotesque, hype was everything!

Of all the fantastic and bizarre abnormalities shown, I was most fascinated by Siamese twins. If one conjoined twin needed to go to the bathroom, the other would have to go along. What happened when one wanted to make-out or make love with her boyfriend? It boggled my mind… I won’t be any more sensational than I already have been. I will take the opportunity to be silly. (And I’m willing to admit that I have a strange sense of humor.)

The twins pictured above seem to be conjoined at the head. Surgeons have been successful in separating cases such as this, if there isn’t too much shared brain. I applaud the courage of these twins, choosing to go out in public and risk attracting unwanted attention. And I am impressed with their ingenuity of going to a nude beach, so as to attract attention to other features.

These two ladies appear to be joined at the boobie. You may not think that this is as serious, but it would preclude breast-feeding. Come to think of it, just having the distended tummy in pregnancy could cause difficulty. And any attempt to get pregnant could only be achieved via rear entry.

Finally (and thankfully, you may be thinking), these two appear joined at the buttocks. Usually when this occurs, the parties are joined at the hip, but not in this case. These two do not appear to have let this attachment hamper their enjoyment of the shower.

When I read about (actual) Siamese twins joined at the hip, back when I was an adolescent, my first thought was to wonder, “What happens when one girl earns a spanking?” I could imagine the father lecturing both daughters…

“Jane, you know you misbehaved. You are getting a spanking!” What does he say next…?

“And Jeanie, because you share a butt cheek with Jane, you’re getting half a spanking…” Or maybe…

“And Jeanie, you witnessed your sister misbehave, so you’re an accomplice. Prepare to get a spanking, too!”

“But, Dad, I couldn’t help it, I had no choice!” Jeanie argues to no avail.

Enough of this foolishness! Let’s have a look at a photo of two beauties who cannot be mistaken to be conjoined in anyway (except maybe in their mutual attraction for one another).

Maybe you prefer blonds over brunettes. (I don’t, but it seems that the majority in society do.) The only thing these fair maidens share is the fact that they all have incredible bottoms! That’s something that we can all believe. Enjoy!

5 responses to “#491) Believe It or Not!”

  1. Beautiful bottoms indeed! One of the joys of life is that girls/women have to take their bottoms with them wherever they are going and whatever they are doing!

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  2. My women are required to have their bottoms with them at all times! Detachable butt are no- no! This is a good post! The pics are memorable and the comments you make about them are humorous. You’ have a great talent ! Thanks for sharing it with us?

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