#492) Primordial

We rented a beach house for a week’s vacation. The first morning, we were having coffee on the deck overlooking the seashore.
“Let’s go for a walk on the beach,” I suggest.
“Right now, like this?” Robert asks. We were both naked, unbreakfasted, unshowered and still a little stinky from last night’s love-making.
“Yes, right now!”
We put our cups down on the deck railing, and started off hand-in-hand.
The beach was deserted, entirely ours. I loved looking at Robert’s tumescent cock as he looked at my nakedness. The sun on my body, the sea air in my lungs, the sound of the waves, it all added up to make me feel pure and primal, and oh so prurient.
I stopped in my tracks. I bent over, far enough to feel the breeze on my wet pussy.
“Spank me, Robert…” I could tell that he had that same question on his mind. “Yes, right now!” I squatted, not caring about looking sexy, only about telegraphing that I was serious. “Hard! As hard as you’ve ever given it to me…” From my position, I could look back at him to watch that cock bob up and down at just the mere suggestion of focusing on my fanny.
Robert gave me a serious spanking, the loud report of each wallop getting swallowed up in the wind and the roar of the sea. It wasn’t the wind whipping into my eyes that made them glisten, fill up to the lashes, over spill and come coursing down my cheeks. It was the spanking I’d long desired, the spanking of my born days, dressed only in my birthday suit, out in nature, with my beast of a lover. I simply stared at his erection as he punished me, as I accepted the heat and the pain. When I saw it lurch involuntarily, aching to be touched, even having a droplet of pre-cum ooze from the tip, I knew I’d had enough because both hard cock and hurt cheeks couldn’t take it any longer.
I turned on my heels in the sand, raised a leg and sank my pussy onto his erection. He boosted me up on his hips and I encircled him with both legs as we fucked.
“Fuck me any way you want, as long as you like… but save some of that erection for my butt hole… I need you there…!” I groaned into his ear.
He carried me like that, impaled and incapacitated on his spike back to our rental. He took us into the bathroom where I found the tube of lubricant in my toiletry case, and then brought us out onto the deck once more. Only then did he lift me off of his cock to bend me over the rail. I really thought we’d do it in the privacy of the bedroom, but my lover knew better. Such a sinfully raw and sacredly forbidden act needs to done in the broad daylight. He fingered lube up my rectum as I fingered my clit.
Usually he takes his time, going slowly and gently for that first minute, as he enters me there, as he lets me adjust to the intrusion, the penetration, the redesignation of my eliminatory exit into the most exquisite of entrances, but not today. He put his big cockhead to the portal and pressed, and I felt his sword sheath into my most private place.
“Oh, fuck!” I sighed/screamed into the open air as he possessed me all the way up until he was balls deep and my rear was filled to the brim with cock. “Fuck me!” I added, and Robert took me at my word. He set our rhythm to the pace of the pounding sea as he pounded me from behind up my behind. “There… is nothing… like getting it… up the butt!”
Robert begged to differ. He gilded this already-gold-plated lily even more richly by slapping my butt hard every time he withdrew his cock, alternating cheeks, getting harder with the spanks and with his cock all the while.
“I’m gonna cum!” I whimpered.
“If you do, I will…” Robert responded.
“Fuck me through my orgasm… then I promise you something special…” I begged. Then I promptly crumpled as the implosion detonated inside me. Somehow, Robert didn’t let my spasming rectum or gushing pussy or imploring cries invoke his climax. As soon as I could, I stood up, pulled him out of my tooter, spun around and kneeled before my lover. “Give me a facial!” I asked, looking up into his eyes. “Spray me like I’m a porno actress!” I said as I jacked his poor, beleaguered but-still-hard cock hard in my fist. “Treat me like I’m your whore!” and I opened my mouth just in time to catch spurt after spurt of the sticky stuff. It went up both nostrils, stung my eyes, coated my hair, then petered-out by giving me a pearl necklace.
I stood up, unable to breathe well, unable to see at all, but confided to my Top, “I am your whore, you know. You own me… I am yours, totally.”
Whatever it was that was gnawing at me was quieted. Sometimes sex just needs to be dirty and debauched, to be basic and elementary. This primordial fuck answered that need in me. For the time being.

5 responses to “#492) Primordial”

  1. I sooo need to hear that I own my woman
    It seemed from your post that you NEEDED to tell him that he owned you. That really builds a man up. We’re (my woman and I)gonna talk about that.Maybe am too needy. Could just be a lack of communication.
    Thanx for the post!

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