#498) National Hispanic Heritage Month

This observance starts today, the date that Mexico won its independence (not to be confused with Cinco de Mayo, the Battle of Pueblo).

That’s enough of a history lesson, let’s get to the sex! I don’t have a type when it comes to men. But I definitely do when discussing women. I’m attracted to olive-skinned, dark-haired and eyed, big bottomed women.

Take the actress/model pictured in the blue dress above (I’d like to). I don’t know her name, though I’ve seen her in several televised roles. Her looks melt me; I’d like to melt right along side of her.

This senorita’s picture stopped me. I love the directness of her eyes, hope that her aeriolas on her nipples are just as large, as hard and pointed as that gaze. I hope her bottom half is as voluptuous as her curvaceous top. I’d love to spank her; I’d love to be spanked by her.

Here’s another beauty with challenging eyes. Her facial cheeks are kissed by the sun; I want to kiss her bottom’s cheeks with spanks. She knows that she’s hot; I want to make her burst into flames!

This lovely lass captures my attention just as well, with her bed-head of tossled hair, her unblemished, tanned tush. She gives meaning to the term, “spitfire.” Her arrogance makes her look as though she could actually spit flames, burn you with a glance or a single word. It would destroy me if she uttered, “Go.” It would give meaning to my life if, on the other hand, she said things like, “Kneel.” “Lick.” “Bend.” “Submit…”

This girl is younger, seems less experienced, less imperious. She brings out my dominant side. If the other pictured women make me tremble a bit, this beauty makes me vibrate, hum like a tuning fork, resonate…

Do these women do anything for you? Do you have a type? Tell us about it in the comments, please.

11 responses to “#498) National Hispanic Heritage Month”

    • You and Alfred Hitchcock like patrician aloof pale beauties, Christian. I like to look at them, but if I’m going to touch (taste, smell, bite, spank…), I prefer someone fiery hot, dark, full-bodied, a hand-full!


  1. A million years ago, my friends were so obsessed with our classmates who were developing breasts. I didn’t say so at the time, but I had relatively less interest in “tits”. I was always much more interested in what was below the waist – and my obsession was trying to peek up skirts for a glimpse of panties. I was also interested in spanking going back to pre-puberty so I was pretty self conscious about my sexual proclivities being beyond the norm.

    There’s no question I love a plump round bottom and untrimmed pubic hair, especially when it’s on top of my face or my penis. But a woman’s eyes and voice are more important. I love how Irene looks at me when she means (sex) business. And I love a bit of a lecture when she tells me how I’ve misbehaved or how I must please her.

    Irene and I have been monogamous for 42 years and still have mind-blowing passion in bed (and sometimes other places). She’s part Latina, and slender but curvy. I don’t really know what other “type” I might have gone for had we not married.

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