#499) “My Fingers Itch!” #6

In this continuing series, I show photos that, for one reason or another, make my fingers itch to spank the deserving someone. Please look at the above photograph, for instance. When I saw this, I thought it should be entitled, “Two Masterpieces.” In the background is a nice painting, while in the foreground is a spectacular ass. This photo made me stop scrolling and focus on the magnificence of God’s creation, then reflect on the fact that no matter how skilled the artist, our human achievements pale by comparison. I wanted to reach out and truly appreciate that monumental bottom, caress, pinch, part and explore, kiss and bite, pat and spank!

This photo made my fingers itch! This cowgirl did not get the memo! She has a very nice backside, but she’s wearing her Wrangler jeans as well as the leather chaps, a major Western-wear faux pas!

Please compare that shot with this one of an informed cowgirl. This dark lady of my sonnets is wearing all black leather and nothing else. Now, isn’t that more appealing?

Just to demonstrate that the above photo was no fluke, here’s another beauty wearing her suede chaps properly. It’s no wonder that another term for a cowgirl is cow poke! One look at her come-hither expression and adorable derriere, and I’d like to harness into a strap-on and give her a poke!

Finally, here’s another shot of artistic creation, architecture. Look at the Old World artistry in carved stone, that is, if you can take your eyes from the youthful curvature of her cute fleshy tushy. God bless! You can’t enjoy that view without wanting to bend her soft, warm superstructure over that cold, hard railing and spank her for all she’s worth. She makes my fingers itch!

3 responses to “#499) “My Fingers Itch!” #6”

  1. The girl with the horse and the girl in the last pic are my favourites. Of course the first girl does have a wondrous derriere. Just imagine if you could go along to the buttock shop and could either pick up a new bottom or one that had been used but was still in good condition!

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    • I find that people (okay, women especially) are hard on themselves, and judge themselves (physiques) harshly. They might think that they need to trade-in their bottom, when others might find it highly erotic…


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