#500) Paradise

I call my bedroom Paradise. It is as close to heaven as I’ll probably ever get. If being a fornicator is sinful, I’m damned to hell. I love to fuck! I like all sorts of sexual endeavors, but most of all, I love to fuck. I’ll lick and suck and bite, I’ll tickle and titillate and explore. I’ll let my partner choke, pull hair, spank. But if you want to turn me on best, you’ll fuck me. I like it most in the doggy position, whether with boyfriends with their urgent erections or girlfriends with their long-lasting strap-ons, I love it when my ass is in the air and my face is buried in the pillows. And if they’re doing a really good job, thrusting into me hard, making me climax again and again, each time harder than the last, I’ll tell them my secret. After about four or so wrenching orgasms, I love being fucked in my ass. That’s how I love to finish, by getting fucked up my ass, where it’s so tight, and so hot, and so wrong! It feels like nothing else in this world, it feels like Paradise.

6 responses to “#500) Paradise”

  1. That last girl could use some “strokes” to add color and contrast to her attractive bottom.
    I would even do it for free!
    Thanx bunches for this post,! Well done!


    • She’ll indulge you by letting you spank her, choke her, otherwise abuse her, but if you want her to be an eager participant, none of these past-times are her metier. She wants you to fuck her bottom, paddlefanatic! Have you ever encountered someone like this, someone who will put up with a lot, but will only engage with certain specific triggers?

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