#501) Marking a Milestone

About nine months ago I started this. I could not have imagined all that it would entail, the changes that I would undergo, the rollercoaster of emotions.

I have made 500 posts. I have shown well over 600 photographs and drawings. I have made many dear friends, none of whom I’ve ever met in person or who I would recognize on the street, but who are cherished, nonetheless. I have fallen deeply and unabashedly in love with a man. I have been unapologetically carrying on an infatuation long-distance with a woman. I have grown as a woman, as a submissive, as a writer, as a life-long learner, all things that matter a great deal to me. I am starting to explore my lesbian side, my impulse to switch. I have gained great respect for anyone who has blogged for any length of time, especially for years turning into decades.

I am still just as enthusiastic as when I launched this blog. My efforts have not dulled my edge in the least, they have sharpened me. I look forward to the future with great anticipation. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

My cup runneth over. Get in there and get yourself a sip.

17 responses to “#501) Marking a Milestone”

    • There is a contract, an unspoken, unwritten contract between adult spanker and spankee. We play around with non-consensual scenarios, but in reality, that agreement is necessary (or it’s a sort of rape). Within that contract, it’s poetry, purity. You possess my contract; I’m saying that right out loud. You know it by the way I look back at you as I lower my knickers. Write your signature across my bared butt. Because it’s in indelible ink, it’ll take a LOT of spanks…

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      • I don’t have to be asked twice to respond to your oh-so-direct challenge to me! My signature will be so fully written on your bare behind that you will not want…no, will not be able…to place your buttocks on a chair or indeed anything at all solid!
        Sophie x

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  1. Congratulations on reaching the full gestation time on your wonderful blog. I read all your delightful posts, wondering all the while which is truly fiction versus factual tidbits. You are a naughty tease who deserves all the thrashings and sodomizing you receive. You prompted me to look at my blog, fallow though it may be, and found it’s been 13 years and roughly 700 posts. I do want to recommend some more ideas for your “My Fingers Itch” series. If you search for: “European Women’s Platform Diving”, and “European Women’s Track and Field”, you will find many a partially bared bottom performing in public. Also, one of the legends of the spanko community: Amber Pixie Wells. Best Wishes for continued fruitful flowering of your puckered rosebud.

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    • Thank you, Your Naughtiness! When I read your closing, I had to smile. High school boys used to say, “Be good, if you can’t be good, be careful. And if you can’t be careful, don’t name the baby after me!” I also think about the great Mae West saying, “Goodness had nothing to do with it!” in reference to her career and life. But I am in a really good place. Thank you for the good wishes and kind words; the same right back at you!
      Jean Marie

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      • I think WordPress should display a badge on my blog, certifying that I help circulation, breathing, heart health, complexion, imagination. Of course, I might have to acknowledge raising the blood pressure and the members of horny fans…
        Jean Marie

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