#502) Octoberfest

Today is the kick-off of this two-week long party in Munich, Germany. (It used to be started on the first Sunday of October. I don’t know why it was moved forward, but Willkommen nonetheless.)

I LOVE the photo of the barmaid pictured above! Her eyes are inviting, her smile is beguiling, to say nothing about her exposed decolletage.

This two-fisted server one-ups the blond above in almost every way! She has a more eye-catching hair color, larger and more alluring eyes, larger and more alluring physical endowments below the collarbone and above her smooth thighs, and a costume that displays this more revealingly. That’s not to say that I’m more attracted to this redheaded lass; I’m not so superficial! I’d pinch the bottom of each girl as she passed my table with her hands full of beer steins, and the one who reacted best would earn my interest.

“Hey! I wouldn’t accost you like that, if the tables were turned!” she accuses with a blush flushing her apple cheeks.

Enjoying the firmness of the cheeks I just assessed, I reply, “You are right! I should be spanked for being so forward…” and I’d turn over the beer garden’s small table. The barmaid that took advantage of this by giving me a well-deserved spank (or five) would be the one I’d want to pursue.

Which Fraulein appeals to your sensibilities?

10 responses to “#502) Octoberfest”

  1. I’m not sure why but I like the first one. However if I could watch the technique of the second as she spanks you I could learn to better appreciate her.
    Thanx for the post!

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  2. I find dirndls very sexy and must go to Oktoberfest. I did buy myself Lederhosen when I visited Bavaria about 10 years ago (very comfortable soft leather), but I bought Irene a dirndl in a costume shop in the US.

    I love round bottoms and pretty panties, but sometimes just a touch of modesty so the super short skirt doesn’t work for me. Not that it’s not sexy, just that if she’s wearing that it’s all about showing off.

    I’d love to be the plaything of a group of Fräuleins who are bit bit tipsy drinking all that beer. They pants me, spank me, sit on my face – without removing their dirndls of course, and laugh at me and scold me in German.

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    • I agree with both of you, the redhead is over-the-top, nearly spilling out of her dirndl fore and aft. But she does look as though she could spank a mean bottom, and by that I mean MY bottom. You both come up with very hot scenarios; I love it!
      Jean Marie


  3. The blonde has that look in her eyes that she may be up to something fun. My first wife was a red head and while she was beautiful she had a temper worse than a bad drunk, and I don’t want any part of that again. Trouble is red heads still will cause me to turn my head. Thanks again for writing. Tip

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    • Gingers certainly are beguiling. I’m susceptible, too. The fairness of their skin rivals anybody else’s (including blonds), redheads even smell a little different. I honestly don’t think that coloring equates with temperament, but haven’t had the experiences you have, Tip.


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