#503) Books and (NOT VERSUS) Movies

I love reading a good, engrossing book! I confess that I am the type of person to finish a book’s last sentence, close the tome and hold it to my breast, and swoon with the immersive memories. A book should transport you to its world, take you away from your own. (I love the photo above for that reason; the lady is in picturesque France, but her reading is taking her away to somewhere else!)

I love watching a good, engaging movie! It’s an entirely different medium; the two should not be compared. This becomes problematic because some movies are based on great, well-written books.

Such is the case with the bestseller, Where the Crawdads Sing. I loved the lyricism of this marvelous fiction. I just saw the movie. It is very good, too. Not identical, but evocative in a different way!

I wish that people wouldn’t compare the two mediums, wouldn’t expect the same thing from these two avenues. I recommend BOTH of these treatments to you.

7 responses to “#503) Books and (NOT VERSUS) Movies”

  1. My favourite Literary based photograph was also taken in Paris. But it was of the author, Emma Smith, with her typewriter on her knees, trying to get some work done on a hot day, in the times before air conditioning, on the banks of the River Seine.


    If you ever get the chance to read it, I recommend her book Maidens’ Trip. It is a novel based on the experiences of her War Work in WWII. Very short for a novel, but still one of the best books that I have ever read.


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  2. I agree…the two mediums are not to be compared. I love reading and am really no film buff but the other night I watched a film adaptation of the book The Remains of the Day and found it incredibly watchable and terribly sad. I’m sure you will have seen it Jean Marie

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