#504) “Look Me in the Eye!” #5

Here is another installment in my series of posts where a photo of someone’s eyes spoke to me in some especially intriguing way.

Look at the above photo, please. I find a slight challenge in her gaze. It’s like she’s silently saying to you, “I know I’m attractive. What are you gonna do about it? What makes YOU stand out? (Besides that noticeable tenting in your trousers!) “

I love this photo just as much, even though it’s different in almost every way. This pretty model is fair, the photo is taken indoors in the dark. The only similarity is that both have an ample understanding and are choosing to show-off a lot of that cheekiness.

This fetching lady is showing you a little less of her eyes and more of her ample ass. There is still that challenge conveyed…

Finally, here is a pouting, self-involved brunette. Imagine that you’ve just entered her bedroom, given her the request, “Look me in the eye, young lady!” a stern request that she assiduously avoids obeying. How do you react? She needs to know that you mean business. I’d suggest invading the privacy of her boudoir, placing a pinning hand on her lower back, and with the other hand yanking her cotton panties up the crack of her cute ass. With buttocks thus exposed, I’d suggest a good, hard, long, strict spanking. If, after about ten minutes of unrelenting punishment, her pleas sound sincere, let that suffice as a lesson. But I think that insolence runs deep; she needs for you to pick up her hairbrush from the bedside table and hammer your point home, maybe then take off your belt and leather her until unmistakable sincerity is declared. Don’t go by what she loudly says, judge her by her tear-filled, pleading eyes. They are truly the windows to the soul, they’ll tell you the truth.

11 responses to “#504) “Look Me in the Eye!” #5”

    • Thank you for the back-up, Jim! With that I march right back into her room, yank those tidy-whities out of her crevice and well-down so I can belabor her little butt a good deal longer!


  1. I agree with you on all counts but I find it hard to keep my eyes on #2′ s eyes and off that distracting overhang. Sometimes I think you pick these pics for the sole purpose of distraction from the intended
    point of focus! Of course that is the reason I love your posts.
    Thanks for sharing a very thought ( not much thinking is needed :). post

    Liked by 1 person

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