#505) Setting the Record Straight

Recently, I’ve enjoyed writing several pieces exploring my bi-sexual side. Concurrently, I’ve been playfully commenting and corresponding with a fellow female who has made my imagination race with fantasies.

Lest anyone misinterpret, I want to state my strong love and fidelity to the love of my life, my Dominant and confidant and friend and fucker, Robert. When I marked the milestone of 500 blog posts here a few days ago, I realized the profound changes that his presence has had in my life. One of the happiest is the fact that (with the exception of a business trip he took) I haven’t had to spank myself anymore! It was impossible to deny my loneliness whenever I felt moved to take a paddle or strap to my own backside. Conversely, I feel joyously fulfilled whenever I turn my body over to my man (literally) for a spanking or a more serious thrashing, whether for play or actual punishment. To commemorate this revelation, I thought I’d share a few self-spankers.

Here’s just a quick little tune-up of a nice, round tush.

And here’s another quick one on a larger bottom.

This seems like a bit more serious set of spanks on a tight-as-a-drum butt. Doesn’t she make you want to take a turn playing a little riff on her rump?

No sound (unfortunately) accompanying this set of sound swats.

And finally, another silent video clip of some wobbling and some smacking of a nice, big bum.

I won’t ask you to choose which of the clips is your favorite (because I cannot decide myself), just watch and enjoy (and if you’re like me) reach down to pleasure yourself as these beauties reach down to punish themselves. And if you’re like me, and have a significant other to share the honors of spanking in your life, say a little prayer of gratitude for your blessings.

8 responses to “#505) Setting the Record Straight”

  1. I think the lovely ladies pictured above illustrate a definite shortage of experienced and qualified males providing skillful spankings to lonely and / or ladies just plain ol’ doin’ without. This is a national embarrassment. I, for one, am willing to take one for the team and volunteer to help meet the growing need for fesseurs ( pardon my french)
    or Esperanto “pugbatistoj” (literally butt beaters). Step up ,
    Americans with me and use your spanking skills to meet this national need!( Does anyone besides me hear fifes and flutes playing Yankee doodle in the background?)
    Jean Marie I want to thank you for raising this country’s awareness of this American failure!
    Thanx for the post!

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    • Is it phrenology where they feel the shape of one’s skull for similar insights? I like yours much more, Sophie! But not just looking, one must feel, manipulate… I pull my knickers down showing the blush there that you just recently imbued in me. You reach out to caress the warmed and reddened flesh, massage, part, explore deeply. I sigh, arch out to you. You extrapolate, “This subject’s character is lascivious, licentious, amoral, incorrigible… The sound spanking I just administered was pointless. I suggest a regimen of stern canings, morning, noon, and night, frequently during the night! Let’s get started…

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  2. I have thought for some time that what you really needed was the cane, Jean Marie. A proper caning which decorated your gorgeous cheeks with welts which you could draw your fingers across and make a study of their length and depth!
    Sophie x

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    • It is interesting to me that those who get to know me best (Robert, you) come to the conclusion that I need to be caned. I wonder what it is about me that inspires my loved ones to want to punish me so hard and so desperately? Is it that I am proud and unbowed? Is it that I have a mischievous streak? That I am unapologetically highly sexed? I know that eventually you’ll wrench the pleas from me, but now I simply bare my bottom and dare you to do your worst (for me)/best (for your pride).


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