#506) Celebrating TTWD

Having celebrated with a post this morning concerning my not having had to spank myself recently (#505), I thought I’d end the day with a celebratory post about that thing we do, several punishments between a male Top and a female submissive.

This attractive young lady is seen getting a good spanking across the seat of her cut-off jeans, then some more across the seat of her thin panties. I like this video clip, but it doesn’t seem to build. It’s just a lot of whacks across her backside. Therefore, I’d only give the spanker a five out of a possible ten score.

This, on the other hand, is a strapping that really builds! It shows a pretty girl of color getting her cute butt leathered until it’s ashy. I love the different camera angles, the way she accepts her comeupance, and love Michael Masterson’s excellent handiwork! I think both participants earned a ten!

Finally, we have this appealing blond getting her dress-covered cheeks spanked, followed by a set on her thong-clad bottom. She certainly seems to be suffering from the lesson! (Perhaps a bit of over-acting there.) The clip stops just as that thong is drawn down, out of her crack. In my scoring, she gets an eight for histrionics, and the spanker earns a nine for bringing out a nice blush in a pale pair of cheeks!

THIS, in the best of all possible worlds, is how things should be, deserving derrieres getting spanked. I hope you celebrated this lovely Sunday in a similar fashion; I hope your spanker earned a solid ten for the spanking he administered to your tush today. Mine did (repeatedly)!

4 responses to “#506) Celebrating TTWD”

  1. Q: What could be better than watching a woman get her deserving bottom spanked?
    A: Why, watching three women getting their deserving bottoms spanked of course!

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