#509) A British Frame of Mind

Starting the day the way I did (ahem, I’m still flushed and sweating and leaking sexual juices and oh so content!), I thought I’d post this Downton Abbey retread. I’m still in an English frame of mind. I always suspected that this sort of thing went on behind the scenes. Don’t you just love the open-back bloomers? And how about this stern task-mistress holding the rattan cane? Swoon! Notice how Lord Granthom is hanging about in the background. He knows that the sound thrashing of these two errant maids will excite Lady G. just as much as it will him. After this onerous duty is performed, he’ll escort the mistress of the estate upstairs for a little afternoon delight in their boudoir. Seeing two nubile bottoms striped mercilessly (two dozen stripes each!) will alleviate any wear and tear on the mistress’ bum; the couple can get right down to the business of sexual congress. What isn’t as well known is that the Dowager is equally excited by corporal chastisement. She escorts the head-of-household up to her bedchamber, removes the comely blond’s clothing, and gives the girl a taste of her own medicine with that pliant cane. Listen to how the halls echo with the sound of hard lashes and faint shrieks and soft moans! Just another day for the manor-born…

2 responses to “#509) A British Frame of Mind”

  1. This genre does a lot for me. I love the stern governess look with her hair up, the high-necked blouse, long skirt and leather boots – and of course the British accent delivering a stern lecture.

    But I’ll add my submissive twist and the undisciplined naughty young man whose governess is fed up. She catches me peeking in at the maids, and declares I need a caning as well – first from her then from each of them. After my extended corner time and in an effort to teach me some manners, I am sentenced to a year of washing the maids’ petticoats. They are allowed, indeed encouraged, to tease me, punish me and experiment with me while I am doing this most important chore.

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