#511) Sharing (Part II, continuation of #508)

I’d been butt fucked by Soledad to a cataclysmic climax, and then had pleasured her with the strap-on in the same manner and to the same result. I was lying in her bed, enjoying the warm afterglow, feeling content with myself for pushing myself past my comfort zone to come out as lesbian, to travel as far as I had to meet her, and now was listening to this fair female’s rhythmic breathing. I assumed she was asleep.
I began to fantasize about what would happen next, probably at dawn. I wanted to add to my short same-sex resume by eating my first pussy. I thought about all the things I liked done to me during cunnilingus, planning on doing them to Soledad…
I part her thighs wide, smile at her lovingly, and then put my face right up against the amazing living, breathing thing. Hers was hair-covered, which shouldn’t have surprised me; she had hair on her head that (if let down) would reach her adorable ass! My pubic bush had been trimmed and waxed for years, so this was new to me. The hair seemed to accentuate her natural bouquet; I loved her scent, and breathed it in deeply. I parted her outer labial lips with the fingers of both hands, and looked at the shiny pink perfection of her pussy. It reminded me of a conch shell, how it curved outward, was as smooth as glass inside, with raged, fleshy lips outside. It smelled something like the sea, too, deep and briny-sweet. I realized that my mouth was watering. I tentatively touched her slit with my tongue, ran my pink and pliant muscle along the length of her opening, then flicked at her hood. After doing this about twenty times with increasing pressure, her shy clitoris peeked out at me. I know that I didn’t like too much focus on my clit right away, so performed with the same mentality on Soledad’s sex; teasing, touching, backing away, licking and fingering her hole for a while, then returning to tickle that nodule some more. It really does look like a man standing at the bow of a rowboat. I want to swamp him with saliva, want to capsize him with cum. Soledad would arch her hips up wantonly, aching for me to touch her more, harder, deeper, but I play coy. Soon she is pushing her pussy into my mouth, begging for more…
This fantasy makes me hot. I reach under the covers to part my own sex, finger the wetness all around down there, start to masturbate in earnest. A half-asleep voice startles me.
“Whatcha doin’?”
“I was… um, thinking about you… dreaming of licking you… thinking about how much I want you… want you to be my first…”
She smiles languidly at me. I figure that if she’s awake, I might as well put my plan into action. I’m just starting to scootch down under the covers when Soledad stands up on the mattress, walks around me to light a candle. For some reason, I’d pictured doing this in my head in the total dark. It seemed less risky for this neophyte canyon-yodeler to do it in the pitch blackness the first time. But I look around to see that her bedroom is now bathed in a soft, sensual light. However, Soledad’s not through, she lights two more scented candles at bedside, and suddenly we are illuminated brightly. I’m no longer a cat, er, pussy burglar. Then, she really throws a monkey-wrench into my gears. Instead of lying down beside me again, on top of the covers, with her cat, er, pussy out of the bag, so to speak, Soledad straddles my shoulders with both bare feet, and slowly lowers herself down, so that she’s squatting over my face. My field of vision is filled with the awe-inspiring sight of my over’s magnificent ass, her deep divide parted wide, her fuzz-covered pussy hovering over my mouth, and her winking anus an inch above the point of my nose. The peak of that proboscis doesn’t smell a thing except her natural arousal mixed with Ivory soap, a heady scent that rivals any other aphrodisiac, as darkness descends, and Soledad sits on my face.
I’ve never done this before. The idea of munching on a man’s ass hole left me uninspired; they were too hairy, and, I feared, therefore, less hygienic than I’d prefer. The prospect of doing it with my lesbian lover didn’t turn me off, but it did puzzle me. How was I supposed to breathe? Soledad made a one-point landing, my nose penetrated her rosebud, deflowering her tightly petalled splendor. I stuck my tongue out and penetrated her pussy lips, finding her clit with unerring accuracy for a novice. I flicked my tongue about. Soledad moaned. I guessed that I was doing that part right. I figured that this was a wonderful way to die, so gave up all thought of trying to respirate and just licked and sucked and twisted my head about into one orifice, and dug my nose as deep as I could up her nearby orifice.
“Oh fuck! You do that well!” my lover sighed enthusiastically.
“Thammp woo!” I returned because my mother taught me good manners.
In her excitement, Soledad began bouncing up and down a bit. I timed it right and was able to get a little air inhaled through both my mouth and nostrils with each bounce, keeping me alive. Because of my determined focus, Soledad was approaching an orgasm. She now pressed her privates down onto my countenance with concentration, grinding one out. I said my good-byes to this mortal world and licked for all I was worth. With the onslaught of ecstasy, Soledad slipped off my face and propelled herself onto my jutting chin. She found that she liked this, she began fucking my chin concertedly. I heard her groan, I felt her gush, I saw her crumple over, as though all the bones had been filleted out of her torso, and she keeled over onto my legs face first. I gasped for air, thankful to be alive. I saw her pulsating pussy as I raised my head, but only for a brief moment. Like a spinner on a board game, Soledad rotated on me as though our navels were joined, and before I knew it, her pretty face was above mine. She was sweaty and flushed. The hair that had been exotically piled on top of her head was cascading down in rivulets. She was exuberant and smiling and kissing my face.
“Like I said, you do that so fucking well!”
Maybe she felt my voice box vibrating my appreciation for the compliment as we kissed, I don’t know. I do know that at that euphoric moment, I thought that this lesbian love stuff was pretty easy to master. It might kill me, but I’d die fulfilled. In the last few hours, I’d given her several different orgasms. I wanted nothing more than to continue to give her more.

3 responses to “#511) Sharing (Part II, continuation of #508)”

  1. The picture you chose to accompany this post could not be more attractive and appropriate…the very epitome of sharing, the essence of what we are about, the closeness of nether hills and valleys…perhaps the only fault…but a nice one…my lack of hair as you describe it!
    Sophie x

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