#514) The Wooden Kitchen Spoon

I haven’t been shy about proclaiming my hatred for wooden implements here on my blog. But, I must confess that I have received some really memorable spankings with this simple household item, from way back in childhood right up to last evening. That isn’t me pictured above, but my butt did look like that, and now it’s mottled with purple bruises. So, I am both in heaven and feeling horny as hell.

I would love to display these prominently in my home. I only hope that whoever owns these washes the spoons between either task…!

This also is not an actual photo of me, but it might as well be! I have literally gotten soaking wet while shopping and seeing a display like this one in the store!

I hope that it hasn’t been too long since you last felt that distinctive sting of the wooden spoon being applied to your tushy!

6 responses to “#514) The Wooden Kitchen Spoon”

  1. I myself have several painful childhood memories of wooden spoons. However, I don’t recall passing that experience to à younger ( or older ) woman. Sounds like beginning of an exciting bucket list. I have frequently fanta

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  2. Let’s just say I won’t see 50’s any more. At my age spanking a woman 20 years older would mean searching the local nursing homes. At this point some one 3 months older would be a delightful opportunity.

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    • LOL! You have an energy & vitality about you/your emails; I honestly thought you were in your late 20’s! I’m going to forget your answer & always think of you as an eager kid! (And you can think of me the same way, please!)
      Jean Marie

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