#517) She Thought Wrong

She thought she was a hard ass. She thought if she wore black leather and talked tough, that’d be enough.

So I took her home from the bar where we met. And I made her take her pants down, and crawl over my knee, and ask for the spanking she deserved for being such a poser.

As I belabored her cute butt with my hand, I quoted the Bob Dylan lyrics to her, “She takes like a woman, she makes love just like a woman, but she breaks like a little girl…”

A hard hand spanking wasn’t enough to get through her tough exterior, so I made her fetch her hairbrush from her purse and I paddled her good with it. Then I took off my belt and leathered her bottom for a long while. Finally, I took the laces out of her shoe and whipped her with those until her tears flowed.

She’s looking at me now from the corner as I harness into my thick strap-on. She thinks I’m going to pleasure her. Before the night’s over, I might. But right now her punishment needs to continue.

“Bend over, darling… reach back and take a firm pinch of fanny with each hand… now part your cheeks for me, nice and wide… that’s right…”

2 responses to “#517) She Thought Wrong”

  1. That sounds similar to an ongoing fantasy I have. It amounts to a therapeutic spanking which is enjoyable for the spanker and helpful to the spankee. And it takes a more intense spanking (in my fantasy )than I thought it would.
    This post resonates with me and I appreciate your sharing it.
    Thanx bunches!

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    • From my (receiving) end of things, I think EVERY spanking is therapeutic! And when I fantasize about giving one to a receptive female, it makes me feel so good (tingly, erotic, horny…) I’ve got to sign-off now and rub one out!


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