#519) “My Fingers Itch!” #7 – Special Edition

The above photo makes my fingers itch; I want to spank this blond model so bad! The reason for the photo is clearly to display those kinky red boots. But that doesn’t mean that all rules are called off. The rule in horseback riding (whether English or Western) is to keep as much leg on the horse as possible. That’s one way to communicate with your partner, the horse. (Some people rely too much on the reins.) You are also supposed to keep your heels down in the stirrups. But this blond has her leg bent up and her toe pointed. If I could, I’d spank the dickens out of this silly bitch!

7 responses to “#519) “My Fingers Itch!” #7 – Special Edition”

  1. There is something about the way her bottom sits in the saddle that makes me want to get my hands on it. Knead it rub it pinch it and of course spank it. The pic doesn’t really focus so much on her bottom but I do.
    I like this pic and my reaction to it surprised me a bit.
    Thank you for sharing it!

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    • And I would delight in being watched, knowing that we are both getting wet, the spectator and the spanker. Much to my surprise, the blond in the boots gets so turned-on, she collapses back down onto the saddle in orgasmic release. She rubs her freshly welted bottom and her aroused sex hard against the fine grain of the saddle’s leather, making a righteous mess of things. Then all three of us go into the stable to whip and lick and finger and frolic. Both equestrians and equines were “ridden hard and put away wet” that day.


  2. JM when you use that crop on her please make her understand that there is no need for any clothing except for very short cut offs and a very short crop top. That’s it, nothing else. You can have the red boots made into restraints, blind folds, gags and a tawse. Give her 10 extra strokes for me.

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