#521) When a Little Deserves a Big Punishment

She’s my little, but she has a big girl’s bottom. She likes to think of herself as five years old, but she’s twenty-nine. And disrespect and misbehaviors earn a thorough thrashing in my book whether the sub is nineteen or ninety.
“You know why I sent you here,” I say as I come into her bedroom, “get your panties off and let’s get this over with…”
Haley stands up and starts wriggling out of her skimpy undies, I watch her bottom undulate and study the one red handprint I put on it to send her to her room. She asks, “Can I hold Teddy while you punish me, Daddy? I need his comfort…”
“Yes, you can hold your Teddy,” I mumble as I sit on the edge of her bed. Sometimes it still throws me for a mental loop when Haley is in-character. She crawls across my lap, then reaches for her favorite stuffed animal.
I look at her mature, voluptuous ass. Nothing little about that. I part her thighs, finger her furry slit, find it wet and getting wetter. Ditto, not a little girl’s. I smell her jism; it is such a powerful aphrodisiac. I want her so badly, then her little girl’s voice comes back at me, ricocheting off the floor in front of her nose. I feel like a child molester. She’s twenty-nine, I tell myself. This is clearly a twenty-nine year old woman’s body. This post-pubescent plump posterior can take a good spanking. Better get started. I love spanking this ass! There are no two ways about it, it is so thick, so firm, it bounces with such resilience, it warms so evenly and reddens so easily. Ten sound spanks become twenty, then thirty, and I have to remind myself to give her a breather.
She’s holding the plush toy with both hands tight over her eyes. Teddy absorbs all of her copious tears but none of her sobs or shrieks or sighs. I rub her crimson flesh, enjoying the radiating warmth, relishing the peeks I get of her rosebud as I massage her cheeks around and around.
“Go get me your hairbrush,” I command with a motivating swat. Haley gasps at this bad news, but doesn’t talk back. She gets up and runs to the bathroom, runs the implement back to me. She gives me a little look before diving back over my knee.
“You know you were a bad girl, you know you deserve this…” I say as I take aim.
“Yes, sir…” she squeaks before the first wallop lands. I give her thirty of these, too. She cries out as if I’m killing her, but she holds her bottom still, even arching it up hungrily at times. This lets me see that her sex is very swollen and shining with so much arousal, it rivals all her many tears.
“I’m not through with you… but you’re just too beautiful… I need you…” And I pull her off my lap to turn her to face me, then sit her down on my erection, she throws her head back, unable to process this much pleasure all at once.
“I need you too, lover,” she gasps, signaling with that one last word that she’s my girlfriend once again, not a little girl. She pogo’s on my stick energetically, plopping herself onto the impaling shaft with abandon. She looks like an expert equestrienne, posting at the trot, riding me hard, spurring me on with sharp heels to my shins. She cums like a big girl, as well. She’s a squirter, so when she reaches a crescendo, she freezes every muscle in her lithe, long body and bathes me with several gushes of warm ejaculate. I’m used to this. There’s no need to ask if it was good for her. She’s no longer embarrassed in the least for leaving a large puddle behind wherever she’s climaxed. She takes me by the hand and leads me to the shower, peeling off her knee socks and gray t-shirt-like onesie on the way. So Haley climbs directly into the shower stall, whereas I must stop and remove all my clothes.
When I join her under the hot waterfall, she’s rotating a rectangular bar of soap in both hands before handing it to me. “Soap up my butt hole, lover. It needs it…” she says as if she’s the Top, as she begins soaping her sex. I obey, happy to accept these types of commands.
I didn’t get the chance to cum in the bedroom, I got bathed too quickly, so here in the shower I still want her, and Haley knows it. As soon as I have her (clean-as-a-whistle) rectum soaped into a lather, she bends over at the waist, offering herself to me. I’m happy to accept this wordless overture, too. Haley is a superb butt-fuck, tight, uninhibited, just as energetic in this endeavor as she is for the vanilla variety. I reach around to grab a hold of her tits for stability, as she pulls the orgasm out of me and up her bowels.
What Haley does next reminds me that besides being ageless, she’s sometimes feral. Haley squats over the drain, and she pushes the cum I just shot into her out with a long raspberry of a fart, the result of all the air that was forced up there during the rumpy-pumpy.
“I didn’t want that leaking out of my bum all evening long. Hope you don’t mind,” she said with a wry smile and a peck of a kiss. She got out and we toweled one another dry. Haley looks sexy as all hell wrapped in her bath towel with her reddened butt protruding from beneath the hem.

She’s rubbing her bottom, internally focused, and has never looked better to me, so innocent, so erotic, all at the same time. I come up behind her, wrap my arms around her towel-encased form, embrace her.

“Is Daddy still mad at me?”

This Sybil of a submissive is back in little girl mode.

“I was never mad, just wanting you to do the right thing…”

Haley lets this sink in. “Then, have I learned my lesson?” she asks.

“Only you can answer that, sweetheart,” I answer.

Haley is assessing, taking an inventory of her inner self. Then she does something that surprises me more than her bowel movement in the bath. She bends over, she arches her ass out into me and looks back over her shoulder into my eyes and says with sincerity, “No, sir… I need some more spankies…”

I wrap my left hand in her wet hair and take a firm grip. I raise my right hand high. Twelve times I bring that hard hand down onto her wobbling bottom. I hear Haley whimper and then sob, but she keeps her ass arched out throughout. Then I rub the fire in her tush appreciatively.

“That was a very big girl thing for you to say,” I compliment.

Through her tears, Haley smiles at me. Of her own volition, she marches herself into the bedroom and over to the corner to serve some corner-time until told otherwise. She takes the towel off her body and wraps her wet hair up in it as she faces the white wall.

Maybe I’m making some headway with this little girl, I think to myself as I look at my wristwatch, making a mental note of the time. In ten minutes, I’ll let her come out of the corner. By then, my cock will have recovered and I’ll want her again, maybe up that incredible ass again. God, she’s a beautiful woman, I think to myself!

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