#522) My Final Frontier

It is my last frontier in terms of butt stuff. I’ve hesitated to explore this uncharted territory because I love my tight little anus. I want to keep it tight and little, and not hemorrhoidal and worn-out. I’ve felt that I was already pushing the outer edge of the envelope, committing to let my butt hole get fucked as often as I do.
I’m talking about fisting, about letting someone insert finger after finger up my butt, followed by the thumb, and then the breadth of the hand, so that the whole damned appendage is inside my bowels, just the wrist protruding out of my stretched butt orifice. It makes me queasy just writing that. But it also makes me hot. It’s time. I need to look into this foreign realm.
I know what started my lascivious mind thinking about fisting. I’ve always dated men, men with big, strong hands. Hands that are perfect for baring me forcefully, turning me over a knee commandingly, spanking my deserving butt hard and long. But now I’m exploring my bi-sexual side. I’ve been corresponding with a very decadent woman, Sheryl, a woman who nonchalantly mentioned the other day that she wanted to lay me down in her bathtub, squat over me, and pee in my face, then sit her womanly parts down on my face until I struggled to breathe. I was aghast, that was disgusting; I was turned-on as fuck! I never considered scatological play, it repulsed me, it was a hard limit. So why was I so wet when saying that back to her? If I wouldn’t indulge her in giving me a golden shower, she seemed a good candidate to work her feminine hand up my miniscule butt hole…
I feel the same way I did in my past. Twice before I’ve been where I’m at now. Once, in college, having just shared medium-hot vanilla sex with a steady boyfriend, he inquired how he could make it better. I didn’t have the voice to say it, so silently laid my already bared butt over his lap and handed him my hairbrush. He got the wordless message, he paddled me fairly soundly, and we made passionate, incendiary love right afterward. In the same way, I recall pulling my panties down and sticking my ass out for my prom date to be the first to fuck me, and to fuck me, in of all places, up my butt. It is the exact same feeling I’m flooded with now, full of vulnerable apprehension, but equally filled with insatiable curiosity. “I’m so scared AND I’m so turned-on,” seems to be my mantra. So, I lay there, on my tummy on her bed. Sheryl’s just given me a thorough enema; I feel like an empty vessel wanting to be filled. I reach back with both hands, take a firm pinch of butt cheek with each hand, and part myself wide. The look on my face says that I am hers to do with as she wishes.
Sheryl starts with one finger and a lot of lube. She is focused on lubricating my sphincter as much as she is relaxing this double-ringed muscle for the intrusion. First, that’s the key to success in fisting; use lots of lube, an obscene amount of lube. Second, your butt hole is marvelously complex, comprised of a ring inside a ring. We have no agenda; if Sheryl gets her whole hand inside me today that’s great, as long as we both are into it. If nervousness on my part means that she only rims my anus and plays with one or two fingers there, that is fine, too.
I’m very anal-erotic! That’s why I have a blog named Butt Stuff, that’s why I persevered after the first painful try at butt sex. Being touched, massaged, manipulated back there feels fantastic! It’s sexual. So, I sneak a hand underneath my hip and start playing in my pussy. I find my clit erect and the opening slick. I diddle with a purpose; a climax will only make the whole process easier.
“I’m ready for two fingers…” I sigh. The words are no sooner out of my mouth than her middle finger joins the index one in toying with me, stretching me, lubing me more, driving me insane with lust.
I bury my face in a pillow, enjoy the overwhelming waves of pleasure that wash over me. About five minutes later, at her own volition, Sheryl slowly and gently works a third finger into my anus. “Work” is the right word; it takes work on my part to stay relaxed, it takes effort on her part to traffic in and out of me there because of the tightness.
“I’m gonna cum!” I sigh with urgency.
“Come ahead…” Sheryl returns and keeps finger fucking my bum.
I do, writhing through a screaming, squirting, satisfying series of orgasms.
“Ready for my little finger?” Sheryl whispers in my ear.
I think about it. “No… that’s enough for now…”
Sheryl extracts her fingers gingerly. I can feel the gape going on back there. Sheryl holds a hand mirror up so I can look over my shoulder and see my anus winking at me like a solicitous prostitute. It takes about half an hour for the orifice to be able to close again. It feels glowy and pleasant, but that’s as far as I want to push it for now.
The adage is, “write what you know.” I don’t know what it feels like to be fully fisted as of now. Maybe someday I will, and I’ll write more then. For now, I love my delicate anus pink-petalled and perfect.

11 responses to “#522) My Final Frontier”

  1. Ass fisting has long fascinated me. I’ve watched videos and read stories about it and it never fails to turn me on. Recently, I’ve met a woman who has actually done it and loves it. She likes to take THC gummies and get very sensual and relaxed with her lovers (a couple that doms her). It takes a lot of build up and prep, but she said she’s had some mindblowing orgasms.

    Separately, I’d love it to happen to me, but I’d prefer a woman’s smaller hand. It’s funny because there’s this cuter slightly younger girl who works at the liquor store I go to and I noticed her hands one day. They are rather small and perfect for my first foray into this. I’ve imagined her sucking me off while opening me up. It’s extremely hot to daydream about. Would love to read more about it if you ever take the plunge (so to speak). Haha.

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  2. Perserverse Jean Marie. As anal-erotic as you are, you will be blown away by the feeling of someone’s whole fist in your bottom. It is a weird but incredible feeling!

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  3. I have a feeling you may decide to let your lover pee all over your face. You seem to be curious. Have her drink lots of water and prep the bathtub. I once had a woman who wanted to put my cock in her mouth as she pissed on the toilet. I told her to drink a lot of water and prepare for her toilet training. I was quite aroused and enjoyed her pissing with my cock deep in her throat.

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  4. I read “Final Frontier” and saw that (really beautiful) rose in full bloom which always reminds me of a ‘blooming’ vaginal lips. I guessed wrong on this one!

    But what made me laugh was:
    “I recall pulling my panties down and sticking my ass out for my prom date to be the first to fuck me, and to fuck me, in of all places, up my butt.”

    You asked for anal on your prom night? That had to be something for him!

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