#523) Censorship

I love publishing this blog! Whether I use photos from the Internet or life experiences as my muse, I love expressing myself in writing.
But a big monkey-wrench was thrown into my gears. I was contacted several months ago by the Automattic (that’s how WordPress spells it) Trust and Safety department of the platform on which I present my blog, saying that many of the photos I’d put up violated their policy. They threatened to take my blog down if I did not rectify this situation right away. They spoke about photos that depicted the exposed female genitals, the anus, pornography, etc. This freaked me out. I went through all my posts deleting anything that could be construed as too provocative. This hurt my soul because many of these photos were incredibly artistic, poignant, evocative. As I wrote at the time, it felt liked I’d been harshly spanked for something I didn’t realize was wrong; it hurt me profoundly.
Time went by, the sting lessened, but I tried to keep their stern admonition in mind. The trouble was, I wasn’t clear what was alright, and what would be judged as over-the-line. I saw a photo that moved me. I saved it to my folder. I let it percolate in my mind. I wrote a piece inspired by this shot. I published it as post # 492) “Primordial.” The photo was of a brunette walking naked on the beach shown full frontal. Her lush pubic bush concealed her vagina. As soon as I posted it, I wondered if it was too much in WordPress’ eyes. I spend a good amount of time curating photos on the Internet, finding shots that move me. As I’ve done this, I wondered. If a bathing suit is covering the crotch of a woman, is that permissible? What if it’s a more revealing G-string, that doesn’t fully cover the genitals or anus; is that too much?
So I wrote an email to WordPress, asking these queries. They sent me a form-response saying that they would reply with answers within forty-eight hours. I waited two days, no reply. I wrote again and chatted with their Help Department. They said they didn’t have these answers but would forward my email to the right people, and to expect answers within forty-eight hours. Two days later, still no response! I contacted them again, wishing that there was a phone number to call to talk to them directly. It would be worth suffering through my stuttering to express my heated displeasure. Finally, I received the following answer:
“We do not discuss specific examples (or matters related to our User Guidelines) in live chat. Please refer to our email thread from July 2022.”
This email attached their User Guidelines which were no help whatsoever, being very vague, non-specific.
So I’m left wondering. I tried to be proactive, to be polite, to play by their rules. They clearly don’t have any set rules. They know what is pornographic when they see it, like the old Supreme Court ruling, I guess. It pisses me off! It makes me want to publish some really explicit shots, but I will refrain from being inflammatory. I am, nonetheless, left hanging. If this blog suddenly disappears (even though I’ve paid for the domain for another full year), you’ll know why.

6 responses to “#523) Censorship”

  1. Have you looked into hosting it yourself? I don’t think it’s that difficult or expensive? I’ve considered it myself as I’d love to post pics too. I’ve already had a blog shut down because of it and it sucks.

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      • I don’t think it would require too much technical knowledge. Maybe if you wanted to make money and required an e-commerce piece. That’s a little harder. I know there are probably you tube vids about how to do it. Basically it’s get a hosting service for probably 5-10 bucks a month. Then migrate your content over to it. It is still partially through WP I believe, but the content is on a separate hosting service. I’ll let you know if I dig in further. And mine got shut down on WP. No warning. I’m still not totally sure what I did, but I think it was for posting a sexual picture and maybe not labeling the post as adult content. They did allow me a full copy of my blog that I could use elsewhere, but see above. Not sure thow completely. This current blog also got shut down early on. I tried to import the old site and it immediately shut me down. I thought it would just bring the content in unpublished, but it literally posted everything and it likely triggered an automatic suspension. I told them about the misunderstanding and they restored me back to where I was before that mistake. I always make sure to label my posts now and haven’t posted any nude pictures since. Good luck!

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  2. I for one don’t read your blog for the pictures because I am fully amazed at the writing that your mind puts you through. I do find the pictures very tantalizing but by the time I see them I have already read the blog. Tip

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