#525) One Creative (?) Response to Censorship

As I have combed through the Internet gleaning photos to post with my writing here, I’ve encountered an interesting phenomena. As you might know, the platforms for publishing blogs seem to have rules about what they allow and what they don’t. I say “seem” because it is impossible to find out exactly what their rules and policies are! Some photographers blur out portions of the picture, but I like this phenomena better. They use a splash of light to self-censor the shots.

Look at the above black and white photo for example. With this technique, it looks like the female model’s vagina is the source of a great glimmer of light. After a very vigorous fucking, my pussy has felt like it’s glowing and radiating heat and light, but this is ridiculous!

In case you think that this is an isolated incident, here is another example. Her pussy sparkles brighter than her jewelry!

Another example; I like how the light along her backbone is augmented with this splash of light up her butt crack and out of her va-jay-jay. No anuses or labial lips visible here, just a blinding blast of light bursting out!

This photographer took it further. Instead of a halo-like glow, this model seems to have a 4th of July sparkler in there, and a trail of molten lava trickling out.

The thing is, it’s dishonest. The human body is so beautiful, especially the naked female form. I’ve encountered scores of evocative photos explicitly showing a cute butt hole and/or a beguiling pussy. I find these photos inspirational. I’d like to share their artistic poignancy with you. I’d like to wax poetic about them in words. But it “seems” there is censorship at work, preventing me from doing so.

I have to say, I like this better, with a strategically placed sunflower blossom. You know that sunflowers naturally turn to face the sun, so it looks like this bloom has turned toward her radiantly fascinating pussy. But it would be even prettier to see and appreciate her naked, exposed, aroused sex!

So, in the final analysis, I don’t think I’ll show any more blinding-light photos here. I’ll tip-toe in fear of offending the powers-that-be. And feel the loss. It disappoints me deeply to do so.

5 responses to “#525) One Creative (?) Response to Censorship”

  1. At the moment, I am crying a lot.
    It’s just a place I am in right now – a place I have been coming to for a while, via various ragged, off-road paths.
    All the things that promised to rescue, to heal…
    All these things shattered in my hand.
    In the middle of all this, one wild and spanky voice managed to fountain higher than any other.
    It told stories that had been waiting inside me for longer than I can remember.
    It took the mask behind a gazillion defeats and shone a light on the victories that lived there.
    I am crying a lot lately, and I have been surprised about the voices I have found between tears.
    Some of the kindest have been some of the most explicit, and also the most beautiful.

    Your kind of authenticity is beyond censorship.

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  2. I really love your sense of authenticity. Your posts have been great even with *the powers that be’s restrictions. You’re the best!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

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