#527) “Belfies”

I was pleased to see a post on the blog, “Spanking Minnesota” yesterday that showed many photos of women taking selfies of their bared butts. The blog coined a new word for it (for me, at least), “Belfies.” I’d been curating a small collection of these types of photos, too, and was glad to have a name for them.

Look at the above photo, please. It captures the essence of belfies. There is a compelling joi de vivre about them. Belfies can all be captioned, “Look at my butt!” and I LOVE that! This redhead has a banging round bottom worth looking at, in my humble opinion.

Here’s a GIF to add movement to the mix.

I LOVE women in spectacles! I especially LOVE them if they have spectacular asses! Here’s a cute girl in glasses who has one of those documenting-worthy asses.

This belfie shares a common element with most photos of this genre (though not represented here in this snippet of a selection); most of the shots seem to be snapped in the bathroom. This lovely-assed lass should be praised for having an orderly, clean loo.

For whatever reason (maybe it’s that direct stare), this is one of my favorite belfies. (Or maybe it’s that adorable ass…)

Now, if you’re observant, you’ll notice that something has been missing from the photographs featured thus far…

YES! Evidence of a recent spanking! Whether reddened like this one, or bruised from a spanking a while ago, many selfies of the butt are taken to document that fact. In this one, we are fortunate to see the spanker providing moral support, having just provided his lady with a warmed tushy.

Enjoy! Have a sublime Sunday, please.

8 responses to “#527) “Belfies””

  1. Really nice
    I agree with you about #5. That look and,of course that butt.
    Thank you for sharing this collection!
    Oh! The spanked lady pic seems to have a story behind (pardon the pun) it. I can’t help but wonder what her offense was.
    Thanx again!!!

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    • I love how the last (spanked) lady is hugging her lover, as if she’s wanting to know that she’s now forgiven, as if she needs that hug from him, that having her spanked bottom documented and shared was the price she had to pay to finalize things.

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