#529) Just So You Know

Just so you know, my fascination with Meghan Markle is not an isolated incident.

Above is a photo of the actress, Stacy Dash. She is probably best known as Cher’s best friend in the movie, “Clueless.” Clearly, Stacy has grown up and grown up quite well.

I imagine that forty year old Meghan looks much like Stacy sans clothing. Creamy mocha complexion, dark, flashing eyes, nipples like Hersey’s kisses, and that ass, that proud, protruding ass; these two mixed-race enchantresses occupy a lot of my fantasy-life. My lover-boy, Robert, knows this; he’s given me a “hall pass” to freely think about them anytime. It benefits him, after all. The illicit thoughts turn me on, so whenever Robert wants to seduce me, I’m ready… Just so you know.

6 responses to “#529) Just So You Know”

  1. Well I certainly see the attraction. Harry has given up a lot to have her in his life, I’m sure there is one hell of a good reason. Robert has it all figured out, you watch the news and you get turned on. Talk about a win win situation.

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  2. She sure does have an awesome bottom!
    That is the sum of my deep
    thinking about this pic. 🙂
    Thanx for the post!It will sit gentle on my mind for a good

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