#530) The Sea and a Shell

I walk out of the surf and lie down on the sand, placing the shell I just found onto my crotch. Diving down to get the intricate shell from off the ocean floor winded me; my lungs labor to re-oxygenate my body, my chest heaves, my breasts rise and fall, as the waves crash a yard away. I love the privacy of this beach, where I can feel at ease going naked! I love this Caribbean Island, where it is so sunny and warm while fall encroaches at home! I love the nude man who is approaching!
“Hello, handsome,” I smile up at him.
Robert lies down next to me. My eye wanders down to note that his manhood is growing in appreciation of my nudity. We made love at dawn and I drained his testicles, but it’s been just long enough for him to recover, for his cock and balls to be interested in more.
He lifts the shell off, listens to it. He sets it down on the beach beside me, crawls on hands and knees to my feet, parts them with his hands, in so doing parts my knees as he inches his way between them, parts my thighs wide. He takes a buttock in each hand and lifts me off the sand, lowers his face to my sex. It’s like he’s listening here, too. The sea itself is so loud, crashing in and receding out just a meter away, I don’t think he could’ve heard anything from the shell, know that he can’t hear anything from my silent sex.
Robert tries tasting instead. He licks along the slit. He parts my labia with fingers to lick my opening. He holds me open as he licks my clit. I arch up higher, so that just my shoulders rest on the sand, push my pussy into his talented mouth. My fingers and toes dig into the warm sand as he brings me to orgasm. My outcries are carried away in the wind. I need him inside me, need him more desperately than I did at dawn, for now my pump is primed and fully awake and hungry for it.
I get on elbows and knees, offer my ass out to my lover. He brushes the sand off my cheeks, and the swipes turn into swats that turn into spanks, and I offer myself out to him even more wantonly. He accepts the offer and circles my waist with his left arm as he begins to earnestly punish my bottom with his right hand.
“I’ll pay you ten dollars to keep that up for the next ten minutes,” I joke to let him know that however hard and long he wants to do the spanking, I’ll be happy to receive it.
“I couldn’t take money for something I’d gladly pay for the privilege of doing to you,” he responds and really starts to wallop. The slaps ring out, my yelps answer each one. I’m sure that this cacophony rises above the ocean sounds, wonder for the first time how close our neighbors are.
I guess he thinks that my tanned hide has been tanned enough by his hand, or else he’s certain that all the granules of sand have been knocked off my backside, so he starts to push his erection into my now-juicy vagina. We create the beast with two backs, fucking doggy-style, at one with the universe, where most creatures procreate this way. My sweat blends with the seawater still clinging to my skin, my jism rises like the tide, the wind whips and howls, matching my lover and me.
I pick up that shell next to me by its wide end, look at how the other end spirals into a point. I reach back and press this point against my anus, just above where Robert is pistoning my pussy.
“Hey, that looks sharp!” he cautions.
“I want it… to hurt… just a little bit…” and force it up me an inch or so. This is what I needed, an intrusion up my ass, a little pain, the novelty of having a seashell up my butt, all these things combine to bring on a mighty climax. I feel the tsunami swell, feel it start to pick me up and carry me off, feel it submerge me, pound me, try to drown me.
I’m left gasping, sputtering, disoriented, and so exhilarated. My orgasm prompts Robert’s, he thrusts into me all the harder, all the faster, all the deeper, and then we freeze in the warm sun, muscles rigid and motionless to the outside eye, as internally, we are both convulsed with clenching and spasming and release.
The simultaneous orgasm brings us both to death’s door; le petite mort knocks us both unconscious. We awaken groggy and in a heap. I know for a fact that it has sucked all the spunk out of him and sucked it deep into my womb. It has also sucked that shell about another inch deeper up my rectum. It is difficult to dislodge from my derriere, I can only do so with lots of grimacing and grunting, whereas my shrunken lover pops out of my pussy with ease.
It was a pleasant start to the morning, an auspicious start to our vacation. I was ready for some breakfast.

8 responses to “#530) The Sea and a Shell”

    • That’s a nice compliment, Tip, but you’re full of it! Every picture I’ve seen of mermaids show that they didn’t have any buttocks and no vaginas, just a scale-covered tail. Imagine how tight those butt cracks and pussies would be IF they didn’t have legs, just one big fishtail! Oooh, now THAT’S sexy!


  1. Well, I guess I didn’t look close enough. Thanks for setting me straight. Damn it I was just headed to the beach to catch some of this wild sex that’s got everyone’s attention for the past few days.

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  2. OHmigosh!!! That was so hot!! I love the use of the sea shell in the ass. A little pain to take you way over the top. So good. So hot. Should not read this at work.

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