#531) Crotch-less Photography

You might have heard of crotch-less panties, but I’m not talking about those now.

I wanted to take the moment needed to recognize the beauty of some photography. First, I hope you appreciated the simply stunning shot in the last post (#530 “The Sea and a Shell”). When I saw it, I HAD to spin a story around it.

Then there’s the photo I inserted above. I’d label this art work, “Read Between the Lines.” When I taught school, we’d focus on inferences, getting the meaning of the piece from what is not explicitly stated in words. Besides this double meaning, you have the model’s splayed fingers, holding the book and framing the focal point (which is conveniently out-of-focus).

Next we have this photo. My grandfather had a phrase, “a long, cool drink of water” as in the sentence, “Isn’t that lovely lady a long, cool drink of water on a hot summer’s day!” This photo shows just that, the lady and a strategically-placed glass of water outdoors in the sunshine. What none of these artsy pictures shows is a revealed and naked pussy. No female genitalia was shown in the making of this post, WordPress!

Finally, just in case I lost you right at the start by mentioning crotch-less panties, here’s a photo of them, too!

2 responses to “#531) Crotch-less Photography”

    • That’s what caught my eye, too! A gentleman that I didn’t know well once gave me a pair that simply had a slit opening at the crotch, and when I wore them for him, I pointed out that my primary erogenous zone, my butt, was inaccessible. I laid over his lap and asked him to destroy them, beat the panties to shreds (and thereby spank me thoroughly), and then I attacked him, fucked his eyes out. He learned a lot about me that day… THESE undies, on the other hand, are sexy as fuck!

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