#532) And the Opposite

Kim Kardashian was just on a talk show on TV wearing a ridiculously elaborate gown. It was a form-fitting bodysuit that started at her neck and continued in all-one-piece down to her ankles, including long sleeves and even fingered gloves! The first thing she said when she sat her incredible ass down to be interviewed was that her outfit was hell to have to take-off in the bathroom.

I thought the same thing when I saw this model in this outfit pictured above. It’s sexy but totally impractical! That said, if I saw it on a store rack and could afford it, I’d probably buy it. Practicality goes out the window when compared to looking good.

My kinky mind goes to a fantasy. My lover pulls me over his knee and spanks me hard for buying the pictured outfit. After his first stinging set of swats, he tells me how this punishment will work. With his hand still resting on my smarting, throbbing, clothed buttocks, he lectures…

“In a moment, I’m going to help you up off my lap. I’m going to count aloud every second that goes by as you get out of that jumpsuit. However many seconds it takes will be the number of swats you’re going to get per set. Let’s say it’ll be five sets. You are to be completely nude before I’ll stop counting. Is that clear, young lady?”

I nod. Robert starts voicing the seconds and I launch off his lap. The pressure makes me fumble-fingered. It’s tough to peel the clingy garment off. It takes me fifty-nine seconds to get the thing down and off my ankles.

“Fifty-nine individual spanks per set, five full sets,” he chortles as he helps me re-assume that ignominious position OTK. I cringe. I know that he won’t go easy on me. But I look forward to when the spanking is over with, when we’ll have make-up sex…

2 responses to “#532) And the Opposite”

  1. If that event would really happen I would probably properly prognosticate that you would enjoy 5 orgasms b4 your
    discipline is completed . However, I think it would be even money Robert would have to figure out how he could take your body and use it for his release with you standing up. He has probably already overcome that obstacle. 🙂
    Thank you bunches for this post!

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