#533) Acrophobia Part I

It wasn’t just a nature hike. It was my official coming-out party. I accompanied Sara to the mountains for a first date as a couple.  I was told by her that there’d be cabins with beds because my idea of roughing it is staying at the Ritz-Carlton. I was told by her that the trails were well-marked but steep, providing a good aerobic work-out. And I was told by Sara that she wanted to frolic with me in the great outdoors at the top of the highest peak. In response to all this information, I had lots of questions.

            “If there are spiders in our cabin, will you be in charge of killing them?”

            “If I’m not too great at the hiking, will you slow down so I can keep up?”

            “Are the mountain tops actually pointed?”

            “Do you intend to dominate me, Mistress?”

            Sara tried to put my fears to rest. “The cabins are quite nice, I don’t think you’ll see a single spider, but if you do, I’ll gladly dispatch it,” she smiled. “…We’re there to have fun, it’s not a race or endurance contest, so just relax! …The Appalachians are an older mountain range, so have been worn-down by erosion, so no peaks. But, there are these amazing rock outcroppings, you’re going to fall in love with this environment!” Then the comforting counselor ceased and the Dom I love and lust after emerged as she said, “…And yes, I intend to spank the holy hell out of you morning, noon, and night, my little bitch!”

            We were driving ever higher, so steeply, in fact, Sara had to shift the car into third gear as we wound around the curved road. I wondered if it was the thinner air up there or what Sara had just said that made me light-headed. I decided not to tell her that I suffered from acrophobia, was severely afraid of heights.

We got to our destination by early afternoon. I would have preferred to unpack all our gear, shower, take a nap, then eat dinner in the lodge to fortify ourselves for a night of sucking and fucking. Sara voted this down by saying, “There’s just enough time to hike the short trail and watch the sun set together.” By the way she said it, it sounded so romantic, I couldn’t refuse.

So we set-off. About a quarter of a mile up the trail, we turned a corner around a big boulder and suddenly came upon another couple, another lesbian couple. No, we don’t have it written in magic-marker across our foreheads or tits or anyplace. I could tell that they were lovers because these two had each other’s shorts pulled down and were fingering each other very energetically. They didn’t even notice us, because they were lost in a passionate kiss, until we’d edged past them on the trail. Then they looked up and smiled.

“This hiking thing just got a lot more interesting,” I said.

Sara smiled broadly, “Oh, you like it now that bare naked ladies are decorating the flora and fauna?”

“They weren’t naked,” I corrected, “just disheveled. But, yeah, I liked that!”

“You ought to be spanked for daring to look at anyone else when you’re with the most beautiful woman on the face of this earth,” she said with a stern tone but a smirk. “That’s your description of me, remember?”

“I remember,” I smiled back at Sara as I pulled my pants down and leaned against a nearby sapling. “I’m ready for my spanking, Mistress…”

“Not good enough, Jeanie,” Sara responded, shocking me. I turned to look at her. “Take all your clothes off… That way, if we’re discovered, you can’t run away and hide. You’ll be completely humiliated…”

I obeyed. As I re-gripped the tree, I asked, “How long do you intend to punish me, Mistress?”

As she started spanking, spanking quite hard I might add, she replied, “As long as it takes to be discovered…”

After she warmed me up with her hand, Sara took off her belt and leathered me for a long while. Then she pulled off a switch off of a large tree and began stripping the leaves and little twigs off it. I maintained my position, enjoying the break for my bottom to cool. That switch really stung on my sensitized tushy. Sara let all the other preliminaries serve as her warm-up; she gave me roundhouse cuts with the stick, whipping me with all her considerable might. The major benefit of this was that the harder she whipped me, the softer the rod became. (If “softer” can be used in this context for an implement that was making me whimper and tear-up.) I was actually a little sorry when an old man came along the trail.

“Excuse me,” he gruffly murmured as Sara smiled (and hid the switch behind her back) and I got dressed (and blushed facially as red as my other cheeks).

(Above are pictured the two friendly Sappho sisters we encountered on the trail. They weren’t shy in the least about having their picture taken.

At left is a photo of my bottom after Sara spanked and strapped me, as she was preparing the switch to use on me.)


9 responses to “#533) Acrophobia Part I”

  1. 1.
    Those two other girls? They could use a little fun-strapping themselves. Both are cute! Love to warm both those bottoms!
    The color of your tush!!! Cute!!
    The old man passing by “gruffly murmured”? WTF is wrong with that guy???
    I would have stopped and asked Sara, “Punishment or fun?”

    I would have loved to have heard her response.
    Then, before moving on, would encouraged Sara to do a good job finishing you up (off?)

    I would not have stared at you – because that would have been RUDE!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sara probably wold have engaged in a long conversation with you solely because it would have been all the more embarrassing/humiliating for me! I wrote it so that the old man was embarrassed himself because of “these kids today” doing all sorts of intimate stuff in the open air. And I’m SO impressed with your polite manners, but I bet you WOULD stare at my round rump if it were crimson and on full display! Five bucks says you would! (But how do I collect on this bet?)


  2. I would have stared intensely .!
    I have a very strong fear of heights as well and have family
    in Appalachia . It’s beautiful in all 4 seasons.
    Thanx bunches for the post!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If that is truly you holding on to the tree, I would not have left until after I had taste of that fine ass. If allowed of course, but I am sure Sara would have allowed that to happen. I have pictured you looking a lot like a certain Today show female weather lady DD. I headed to bed to dream of a walk in the mountains in our state. Hope to see you there. Have I mentioned that I love your writing? Tip

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m giggling uncontrollably, Tip! I do not resemble Dylan Drier (spelling?), but I do have a friend who looks A LOT like her. This friend is a nurse, and nurses are so nasty! Partying with her is a trip! My friend is 100% hetero and vanilla, but I’ve fantasized about playing with her, having a three-way with her. Maybe if we both get drunk enough sometime…


  4. I envy that naughty Sara having your sensuous body to look at and your gorgeous bottom to attack and abuse. As for the power she had over you when she made you undress and the humiliation she subjected you to…all of course thoroughly deserved by the naughty woman that you are…

    Liked by 1 person

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