#534) Lost in a Memory

For some reason, I remembered something this morning from long ago. The memory warmed me; I hope it’ll warm you, too.

Let me take you back to when I was in college. I was in the full bloom of womanhood, fully developed sexually and just experimenting with this unexplored side of me. I’d had a couple sexual experiences, enough to know that I was different, that spanking was a huge part of my sexual make-up, and that, although I was strange, I wasn’t completely alone. There were others out there who shared my weird but fascinating fetish.

So I developed a way to divide the wheat from the chaff, to find out if a boy I was interested in was interested in spanking. After we’d made-out for a while, if I liked the way he kissed and fondled my breasts, I’d look at him like the girl above is doing. With that most seductive look on my face, I’d whisper to him, “I really should be spanked for all the naughty thoughts I’m having about you right now…”

I thought this was brilliant! If the boy picked up on my wavelength, he’d inquire about the spanking by saying something like, “Oh, you have an interest in spanking, do you?” If he was purely vanilla, he’d be on the wavelength of the “naughty stuff” and would inquire instead about that. If he followed-up on the spanking, we’d soon be engaged in that endeavor, and I could judge if he was a caring and considerate Top or not. If he expressed an interest only in the sexual stuff sans spanking, I’d complain about stomach problems, run and lock myself in the bathroom, tell him through the door that I had a bad case if diarrhea, and that our evening (and his future prospects) was over.

What would you do if a sweet young thing looked at you and said those magic words, “I really should be spanked for all the naughty thoughts I’m having about you right now…”? (Knowing my readership as well as I do, I think I know the answer…)

12 responses to “#534) Lost in a Memory”

  1. I know MY answer already!!!

    Lifting myself up from kissing and fondling your beautiful breasts, “Ohhhhhh! I love spanking bad girls! But only on their bare-bottoms.”

    To which you would have said…?

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  2. What I actually did do was ask her why exactly she deserved a spanking and then how she’d want it.

    She told me, I was a bit taken aback and explained that if we started down that road, there was no chance of returning to “normal”. It was all or nothing.

    She reaffirmed it’s what she wanted, for both playing and consequence and we’re still together 20 years later.

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  3. I would have had her across my lap before she finished her sentence.
    (Please don’t be too shocked at me)
    Memories can be wonderful.
    Thanx bunches for sharing this!

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  4. I’m not 100% sure what I would do but immediately hope that I was much younger than I am now.
    I would warm her ass a good as arthritic hands can and then go get the alder branches that have been waiting in my closet for the past 20 years to show her just how bad she really was. All of this while wondering if my prescription of viagra is up to date. Tip

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  5. I remember the first time I gave a spanking to my girlfriend. We were “saying goodnight” in the car in her driveway. It was hot and heavy but I really needed to leave, probably had a curfew myself. I kept saying that I could not stay and she said “yes you can”.
    Then I said that she should be spanked for keeping me out too late and she replied “yes you can”. That was a mind blower to me. So I did spank her bare bottom. That was the first and there were many more, much harder.

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