#535) Acrophobia Part II

A half an hour later we made it to the rounded peak of the mountain. The switch whipping had made me horny as hell, I wanted to do what we’d seen the lesbian couple doing. I thought that, for once, we were on the same page because Sara was shedding all of her clothing as quickly as she could. But instead of taking me in her arms, she scampered out onto the edge of this treacherous rocky outcropping. Beneath her was only emptiness for what seemed like miles of open air. She patted the flat ledge next to her beguiling nudity.
“Come sit,” she invited. “I know you’re wet. I want to lick you…”
I wanted her desperately, as desperately as I’ve ever wanted anything. But I couldn’t move. I inched back as far as I could from the edge and shook my head, and then just stood there and shook.
“Come here to me,” Sara commanded. She was a Top who was not used to being disobeyed. Then she saw that something was seriously wrong, so softened, just a little, like that switch. “Come here, Jeanie, this is why we hiked up here!”
“…I can’t! …I’m afraid of heights! …And we’re high up!”
Sara rushed to my side and took me in her arms, not seductively, but supportively. “What’s the matter?”
“I’m… acrophobic…” I hyperventilated.
“Oh, my goodness!” she gushed lovingly. She helped me back down the mountainside as if she was my mother (as soon as she got somewhat re-dressed), and helped me into bed in our rustic cabin. Only after a lot of cuddling and hair-stroking did I settle down enough to talk about it and breath normally. Being the coward I am at heart, I hoped that Sara would abandon our mountain hike and drive me back home. She had other ideas; she wanted me to confront and overcome my fears.
I’d fallen asleep in her arms, being told sweet nothings and endearments in my ear. She woke me up. It was pitch dark outside. I was hungry because we hadn’t eaten dinner. As soon as I was awake and got my bearings, Sara turned out the lights.
“Close your eyes, Jeanie… Imagine that you are on that mountaintop ledge…” I did and I started to shiver, re-gripped by that paralyzing fear of heights. I felt Sara’s hands on my thighs, opening me, felt her breath on my private places, felt her tongue start to pleasure me. “I want you to experience the sensation of being high up AND the sensation of being eaten-out, lover,” she intimated.
“You think you’re Pavlov and can re-condition me, don’t you?” I responded.
“Just close your eyes and obey me for once,” she laughed.
I did. I saw the ledge, felt the dizziness of being high up simultaneous with the joy of having Sara’s expert tongue do wonderous things to me. It took hours, but finally her ministrations proved too marvelous, and I climaxed. The power of the pussy was stronger than the fear of falling.
Dawn’s rosy light came through the windows. I would have preferred to stay in bed and frolic with my lover all morning, but we could do that at home, that wasn’t what we came here for (as Sara repeated to me over and over). We got some breakfast, then we hit the trail. Instead of taking on the big hike to higher vantage points, Sara took me by the hand and led me on the same trek we made the day before.
“You can do this!” she kept exhorting. I wanted to believe her. We saw the place where we’d encountered the lesbian couple and I smiled at the pleasant recollection of urgent moans and tickling fingers and bared bottoms and wet pussies. We climbed higher, passed the spot where Sara had disciplined me. My sex grew moist involuntarily. Maybe this conditioning stuff really works, I thought to myself.
I started to pull my hiking shorts down. “Don’t you want to stop? Regain some motivation?” I flashed my bruised butt at her.
“Not here…” she returned and pulled me by the hand ever higher.
Sooner than I expected, we were at the top. It was just as lovely in the dawn’s light as it was at dusk. Sara started shedding her clothes, looking me straight in the eyes. When I didn’t move fast enough, she started helping me out of mine. Then she walked out onto that damned dreadful outcropping and sat her gorgeous ass down. She looked back at me and held out her hand.
“I want to spank your sore butt for you, young lady! Then I want to bring you to the most mind-blowing orgasm ever! Come here, join me, Jeanie…”
I started to walk to her. This was too much, so I sat down and skootched my bare butt across the sharp rocks an inch at a time. But, much to my surprise and Sara’s elation, I joined her. She held me for a long minute in a tight embrace. Then she started to turn me over her knee. I let her, keeping my eyes squeezed shut and a firm grip on the rocks with both hands. I felt her hands all over my bottom. I felt the first stinging spank. Then another, and another. Sense memory took over; the thrilling enjoyment of a spanking almost superseded my fear of where that spanking was taking place. After about fifteen swats, Sara started diddling my eager pussy along with the spanking of my big bottom. It felt heavenly. I tried to forget that I was almost high enough to be in any heaven that existed above the clouds. At a strategic moment, my knowledgeable lover pushed a jism-slick finger up my rosebud, as she spanked me as hard as she could. This anal-erotic sub was powerless not to cum. Waves of pleasure washed over me. My eyes sprung open in the throes of ecstasy. My head was hanging off the edge, I was staring into an abyss! I continued to climax as I scrambled into my Top’s lap and huddled in a fetal ball.
“You did it, darling, you did it!” she rejoiced.
I just crawled into her lap all the closer. It was the fucking most exhilarating orgasm of my life! And I did not want to replicate the experience any time soon!

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