#538) Spa Day

Her name was Sigourney and she was the sexiest thing I’d seen in a fuck of a long while. She was petite, but packed a lot of curvature into that small package, and topped it all off with luxurious hair that would’ve hung down to her pert butt if she had let it. Instead, she piled it on top of her head, which gave her a carefully executed disheveled look, like she’d just gotten out of bed after an exceptionally energetic night of love-making. I couldn’t look at her without wondering if her pubic hair was just as luxurious, without wondering what fun it’d be to share her bed. I was smitten with Sigourney.
“That’s a lovely name,” I complimented.
“Thank you,” she demurred.
“But it’s far too long, three whole syllables. I’ll have to give you a nickname, a pet name…” But then I though about it, not Sig or Nee; they weren’t poetic enough to capture the essence of this beguiling beauty. “How about S?”
She smiled, “A pet name, huh?”
“Yes, S.”
“I’m more toppy than subbish, Jean Marie. If anybody is going to be made into a pet, it’s you.”
“I’d gladly do tricks for you,” I returned, feeling the heat in the room rise with our repartee. “For a treat…”
She looked me in the eye as she pushed me from my sitting position on the couch to lying flat, “Training you is going to be fun,” she declared sotto voce. I discovered that she was just as tall as I was when we were lying flat, and that she was naturally taller when she was on top of me. She slithered on top of me to kiss me, and a shiver went up my spine.
But a little kissing was all we had time for, so we made a date to get together that next Saturday, a spa date. She picked me up in her convertible car at the appointed hour. It was clear to both of us that she was going to do all the driving in this relationship. I was submissive with men but a switch with women, but this arrangement immediately felt comfortable. I sat back into her leather upholstery, let the wind blow through my hair as she squealed out of my driveway.
“It’s nice to see you, S, on this Ssssaturday Sssspa Day…!”
Sigourney giggled at my stupid toying with sibilant S’es. “Are you stoned this early in the day, or just naturally playful or…?”
I wanted to answer her honestly and confess that I felt naturally high in her intoxicating presence, but thought that this would be too forward or sound insipid. So I decided to act boldly instead. The wind was cool on this sunny day and S wasn’t wearing a bra. Her erect nipples poked through her light cotton top. I leaned over and planted a kiss on the nip-tip nearest to me, let that kiss evolve into a full-on slobbery suck of her tit. When I pulled my mouth away, there was a big wet spot on her blouse, and her nipple, now even more erect, poked though the translucent material prominently.
“Playful… Mistress S.” I answered. Calling her that felt right, too.
“Well, don’t leave me feeling unbalanced…” and she slipped her hand into my wind-blown hair from the back and drew my face to her other breast. She pressed me against this one and I responded my sucking her harder, letting the saliva flow more fluidly, even biting her softly on the undercurve of this tit. She pulled my head away when it threatened to become too sensual. We were both squirming in our bucket seats and we hadn’t even gone a mile or two. “My, things seem to get real serious real fast with you, don’t they?” she pronounced. I interpreted this to mean that she was falling as hard for me as I was for her. She used that grip on the back of my head to bring my face to hers. She kissed my lips hard and long, all the while we were speeding down the highway. After an eternity of bliss, when I was certain that we’d crash any second, she pulled my head away from hers and let me go.
Driving blind, that’s what we’re doing here I thought to myself, getting seriously playful all along the way… We reached our destination by the grace of God. We each got a facial with cucumber slices over our eyes. They had to separate us from holding hands in order to give us manicures, then extracted our feet from the soak to administer pedicures.
“I’m into feet!” S confided, “this is sensual as fuck!” she added, wriggling her toes. As an afterthought, she asked, “Are you gonna have anything else done?”
“While we’re here… I think I’ll have my ass crack waxed…” I said, trying not to blush and sound matter-of-fact.
“I’ve never had that done,” S shared.
“It hurts like hell, especially your first time, but it leaves me feeling wonderful, clean, sexy, ready for anything back there…”
So, for the first time ever, I had my butt hole waxed with a partner. We gave each other moral support as the honey-like substance was smeared across each of us, then the paper was applied and allowed a minute to set. We held hands tightly.
“Ready? One, two… OW!” we screamed in unison.
Sigourney’s eyes brimmed with tears, it hurt that much, but she smiled just as exuberantly when they held a hand mirror up for each of us to get a glance at how immaculate they’d made us.
“Let’s splurge and get a full body massage,” S encouraged.
“I’m with you!” I smiled, feeling pampered, fully alive, supremely sexual.
Two female masseuses worked us over from scalp to tip-toes. I felt like a puddle of gelatinous soup under the terrycloth blanket afterward. I barely noticed Sigourney slip her masseuse a fifty-dollar bill with the words, “Please give us some privacy for a bit.”
S peeled the white cloth off me, I scooted over so she could join me on my table. Our skins were slick with oil. I loved how her hands felt on my body and mine on hers. S wasn’t satisfied with French kisses and invading fingers.
“Like I said, I’m into feet…!” she announced as she moved downward. First, she spilled some of the massage oil across her freshly painted toes on her right foot. Then she grabbed both my tootsies. She massaged the arch of my left as she sucked the toes of my right foot. I closed my eyes, letting the experience transport me. She had a more exalted destination in mind. S wriggled her big toe into my pussy. She finger-fucked me with her foot. I cannot capture in words how incredible this felt, toes filling me, big toe manipulating my clit expertly.
“I’m gonna cum!” I whimpered, as surprised as anyone that she could bring me off in this way.
“Cum ahead…” she soothed, but unbeknownst to me, had another treat in-store for her pet. While I writhed and bucked and then floated to the ceiling to kiss the face of God, Sigourney prepped her left foot as she had her right. As I undulated on my hip with her foot in my sex, S inserted her big toe up my anus. Seeming-rigor mortis set-in, I stiffened, I screamed, God kissed me back, and then I slumped over, utterly spent and completely exhausted.
S let me revive naturally. I opened my eyes to see this vision of a woman seated next to me, looking down at me lovingly if somewhat imperiously. “Are you okay?”
“Never better,” I answered honestly. I sat up. S kissed me.
I wanted to let the kiss linger, grow into another round of passion, but S pulled her had back.
“I want you to kiss my feet, pet.”
I got on the floor, took her right foot in my hands. I could see and smell some of my jism on her freshly lacquered toes. I kissed her there, sucked her toes, worshiped my Mistress subserviently.
“Now the other one.”
“I don’t want to, Mistress S.”
“I don’t care,” she returned. “I want you to kiss and suck the toes of my left foot, my little bitch.”
“It’s a hard limit for me, Mistress S. I don’t put in my mouth things that have been up my ass.” I looked up at her without defiance, but with firmness in my resolve.
“I see… I respect you for that…” she said and lifted me to my feet. “But I am going to discipline you for it, nonetheless…” And she draped me across her knees. The spanks really stung on my oiled flesh. S didn’t give me any quarter, she spanked me just as hard as she could. She wasn’t going to make me do something that was out-of-bounds, but she was going to re-establish her dominance. The pain made me involuntarily kick; she spanked me until I had no more kick left in me. The pain made me tear-up, then cry openly, finally sob uncontrollably; S spanked all the tears out of me. She spanked me past my limit to absorb, until I just lay there, worn-out. Then she parted my buttocks and inserted her middle finger up my ass. The oil from her toe aided this rudely sudden insertion. But it revived me. I squirmed with new life. S then fingered my pussy with her right hand, just as authoritatively, just as demandingly. I could feel the insistent fingers plying me just an inch apart from one another, driving me insane as they completed some sort of circuit in my wiring. I climaxed again. It felt like she was wringing the last little bit of moisture out of a wet washcloth. I slumped like some murdered outlaw across the saddle of a Western sheriff’s horse. She’d brought me in dead or alive. She’d proven that I had rights and that she’d respect them, but that she would remain in that driver’s seat.
She sat me on her lap, took my face in both of her hands along my jaw.
“Are you ready to come home with me, let me fix you a big meal?”
“Yes, Mistress S.”
“It’s just Saturday, can you spend the night, spend most of tomorrow with me in bed?”
“Yes, Mistress S.”
“You know that I’m going to push you to all your limits, even a bit beyond them if you let me…”
“Yes, Mistress S.” And she kissed me, sealing the deal.

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