#539) Oxymorons and Their Opposites

The dictionary defines oxymoron as “a rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in deafening silence.”
I’d like to amend this definition. A “deafening silence” is illustrative, but not the most clear-cut example. In my humble opinion, the most stark example of incongruous and contradictory terms combined is “butt ugly.”
I think this because a female friend of mine sent me a sexting photo last night. It was a belfie. (I spoke about this last Sunday in post # 527.) It was a photo she took of her bared bottom. Her bottom had just been bared; the imprint of the elastic hem of her underpants, what she calls her knickers, still lingered on her soft skin. It was a very top quality photograph, capturing her creamy complexion, fulsome cheeks, deep and dark divide splitting that bottom into hemispheres. It is the single most artistic and poignant and evocative and profound photograph I’ve ever seen in all my thirty-three years. It is of a butt beautiful (but was intended for my eyes only, so have published as close a photo of a similarly arresting ass above)! Her photo kept me awake all night, or to be more graphically precise, the image of that photo on my mind was omnipresent as I kept myself awake all night long masturbating. I thanked my friend for this gift, but she has no idea of the depth of my gratitude (at least, until she reads this post).
At four-thirty A.M., as I was lying there in bed, the sheets sweaty and soiled with my secretions, exhausted and breathing hard, but no where near sleepy, I thought about words. “Butt ugly” is a stupid, empty oxymoron; I have proof in that belfie sext on my phone. But, I couldn’t think of a name for the opposite of an oxymoron, a phrase for the entity that perfectly combines terms that DO go together. I could think of several examples, however.

One opposite of an oxymoron, a phrase of two terms that goes PERFECTLY together is


Another opposite, words that have SO MUCH meaning when said/written together is a


7 responses to “#539) Oxymorons and Their Opposites”

  1. Butt beautiful?

    I love my wife Irene’s round bottom, which is only slightly large as compared to the rest of her. But when she lowers it onto my face, it’s big indeed – and becomes the whole world to me.

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      • Jean Marie – I am glad you liked the comment. For me the experience of being under Irene’s big bottom and kissing/licking her pussy passionately is exquisite – we have a “date” in two hours! Sometimes I think we should warn the seismology folks and the local university that their instruments might be detecting her orgasm and not an actual earthquake.

        Sometimes she leans forward a bit, sometimes she sits straight up and I get the full weight.

        But I thought I’d clarify we do it almost entirely in the “reverse cowgirl cunnilingus” position. I can’t remember when we started or if she was at all shy about having her bottom right in my face. (She does, always I think, take a shower just before to make sure her backside is odor free – which I appreciate/)

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  2. Love both the pics. The second bottom will not be as big as it seems in the photo…it’s just that it’s been taken from very close range! The hills and valley of the first bottom are delightful…

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