#540) Tears That Move Me #1

Months ago, I posted the photo above to augment a story I’d written. Several people commented that they really liked the shot, found it evocative. (I believe chief among these responders was John B, but am no longer sure.) The important thing was that it was untraceable because it had been discontinued. But I love the look in her eyes, saying that she was surprised how hard her Top disciplined her, how she won’t be able to sit comfortably for days. I love her runny red nose. I love that you can almost sense her lips trembling, the soft sobs bubbling out of her involuntarily. Sometimes this sub (meaning yours truly) just loves to see other women dealing with a stinging bottom of their own! I think I’ll publish periodic posts featuring beguiling subs reacting tearfully to their painful predicament.

Anyway, I came across the same model from the same photo session the other day (thanks, Dr. Ken at Spanking Minnesota!), and wanted to make sure my readers (at least the ones who resonated with this model) saw it.

She certainly seems to be completely absorbed in the pain he’s imbuing across her bottom. It doesn’t look as though she’s across his knee, so maybe he’s moved on from hand spanking her to utilizing an implement, just to make sure she’s learned her lesson. Maybe the tawse, the slipper, or the cane is being administered (implements I’ve found to be most painful). He has to stand her up and bend her over, just so that he can stand and put his shoulder into the act. By her reaction, it seems to be effective.

Do tears move you, like they do me?

6 responses to “#540) Tears That Move Me #1”

  1. I like these pictures for what they represent, they don’t move me like hearing the sobs would. On the other hand it might have been different if you hadn’t asked the question. They certainly look genuine.

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    • My mistake, Prefectdt! It was posted on spanking minnesota by Dr. Ken. I read both of your excellent blogs first thing in the morning, and I was clearly still asleep. Thanks for the correction & I’ve made amends on the post.

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