#542) Apolonia

Her name is Apolonia. Her family runs a farm in the Northeast, an apple farm. She’s the only girl in the Smith family of four brothers. So she knows all about what boys are like, as well as things like pollination, the birds and the bees, etc. She has since way before puberty, but she’s also known that she was different. As she heard her brothers joke about sex, Apolonia always felt as though her hinges were hung to swing the other way. She’s had a crush on Alice McIntosh, her next-door neighbor a mile down the dirt road, for as long as Apolonia can remember. They like to meet at dawn out in the orchard, before anybody else is up. Alice’s family raises pine and spruce saplings for Christmas trees. When they studied Frost’s poem “Mending Wall” in high school, Apolonia waited for Alice after class. As they walked home, Apolonia quoted verses to Alice.
“There where it is we do not need the wall: He is all pine and I am apple orchard…”
Alice got Apolonia’s meaning, there should be no walls between these two. Alice stopped in her tracks, reached out and took Apolonia’s hand. They looked into one another’s eyes. Their mouths were drawn together as if magnetized, they shared the same breath, they kissed. Hands were drawn to each other’s breasts, nipples hardened under the innocent but experienced touch. They’d never done this with another soul, were totally green at doing anything sexual, but did things out of instinct, things that just felt right. From that magical moment onward they’d been secret but passionate lovers.
On this dawning day, just before harvesting time, Apolonia was collecting in a bushel basket any fruit that she could see was infected with worms, so they wouldn’t spread. She’d like Alice to help; Alice has other things in mind. They’d shucked off their clothes like husks off ears of corn, and now Alice is distracted by her lesbian lover’s nudity. She catches her lover by the hand and pulls her close. They are the exact same height, so when they kiss, more than mouths meet and tongues interact, nipple touches nipple, pubic bush entwines with pubic patch, giving off static electricity, it is that highly charged an exchange. Apolonia is unable to resist the pull.
“Do you feel the change of seasons in the air, honey? Crisp this morning, isn’t it?”
Alice cups Apolonia’s high-set, tight bottom and rubs the goosebumps away. It is as round as any apple, as firm and juicy and succulent. Alice longs to spank it until it is as red as it is delicious, would love to drop to her knees and worship its cosmic perfection, kiss and lick and finger and bite her there. Apolonia loves the affection-bordering-on-adoration, but has a job to do. Alice senses this, lets her lover go with a different Frost quote.
“I know, ‘miles to go before we sleep’ together, miles to go…” and she joins in picking up defective apples to help.
“Thanks, Pink Lady,” her pigtailed partner smiles, using her pet name of endearment.
“Do you know that you have a perfect bottom?” It jazzes Alice to talk about Apolonia’s body.
Apolonia snorts derisively, dismisses the compliment by saying, “Yours is better, fuller, more feminine. Mine looks like a ten-year old boy’s.
“And it’ll look like that when you’re ninety and Granny Smith!” and Alice spanks the tush in front of her lovingly but smartly with a swift swat. “I could travel all around the world, from here to Fuji, and I wouldn’t find one as sexy to me… Is it Fuji or Fiji?”
“I don’t know, Alice, but I know you’re crazy!” But she can’t help but kiss her girlfriend once more with passion before they return to work.

(Besides the joy of writing a sexy little story, I challenged myself to organically intersperse the names of some apple varieties in the tale. See how many you can find, if you want.)

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  1. Never mind the names of the apples…whose bottom is that at the side which you make no reference to…it is an amazing posterior Jean Marie! You spoil us!

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