#543) Tears That Move Me #2

Look at the expression on the face of the young lady laying across her kitchen counter shown above, please. She seems unhappy. Do you think it’s because she’s getting a bare bottom spanking? Or that she knows she’s only received a bit of all that’s in-store for her?

That’s better! Both her tear-stained face and her reddened bottom proclaim that she’s now gotten a good, old fashioned, thorough spanking. Do you think she’s had enough? Or is your hand just the first of several implements that she’s destined to experience today?

5 responses to “#543) Tears That Move Me #2”

  1. I LOVE tears before during and after a disciplinary spanking.
    There is something very special about a teary eyed girl with a red bottom. It’s ironic for me to tear her bottom up and then be touched by her tears.i don’t regret the intensity of the spanking. It was needed. Those tears show remorse (and yes,maybe pain) This post really really resonates with me,
    Thanx bunches of bunches for the pics and post!

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