#544) My Sense of Humor

I have an immature sense of humor. When family members heard that I was going into elementary education, they said that this was where I belonged due to that infantile, stunted sense of humor. Here is a good example. I saw the above photo. My mind worked along the following lines…

Look at all the storks roosting at that one apartment! You know what storks mean? They’re bringing babies! Do you know what makes babies? Fornicating! Do you know how to fornicate? The man puts his pee-pee into the hoo-hoo of a woman and rubs it around in there! If it feels half as good as my fingers down there, I can’t wait until I get to fornicate! There are A LOT of fornicators living in this one apartment building!

Here’s another example of my humor; I LOVE this idea for suggesting a new way of doing the nasty tonight! What do you wanna bet that it’s chocolate cake inside that pretty pink cherry icing? Get it?

Do you have a sense of humor? Do you have a warped sense of humor? Do you think that I should keep this to myself?

Well, tough luck; it’s a package deal!

3 responses to “#544) My Sense of Humor”

  1. My understanding is the association of storks and babies was that when women had babies, they stayed home, used fireplaces to stay warm and the storks preferred the warmer roofs.

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