#546) Tears That Move Me #3

Look at the above photograph, please. It captures that moment of truce. The submissive needed a disciplining. The Dominant administered it to her bottom, for her own good. Now, he’s assessing whether that will be sufficient, or whether she needs another dose of medicine. The first dose hurt the sub so much, both her pretty bottom and her belligerent pride. Her poor tushy is throbbing after so many spanks. Her caring Dom spanked her for such a long time, with such a hard hand! Please let that be enough, she’s saying silently, but loudly, with her sparkling, glistening eyes. Her Top wants to make sure he’s addressed her needs, he likes to be thorough. His first inclination is to take off his belt, double it in his hand, acquaint her backside with the leather, make her eyes over-brim, make her butt really burnished. He decides to “let her off the hook” for now, but to suggest that more is still to come.

“That’ll be enough for now,” he whispers in her ear, “but at bedtime, I think you could benefit with a little refresher. I expect you to bare your bottom and offer it to me without being asked. Is that clear?”

She nods. She feels her lover caress the sting in her tail. She longs to show her man that she can be his good little girl again. She hopes he’ll use her as he wishes, whether with her mouth, her sex, her rosebud. But half of her mind stays focused on what’s to come at bedtime.

4 responses to “#546) Tears That Move Me #3”

  1. She really does appear to be waiting for her.. disciplinarian to decide her fate
    That’s an interesting pic. And of course a great interpretation of the pic.
    If you decide to write a book,
    Maybe a compilation of short stories please remember I want a first edition.

    Liked by 1 person

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